Mickey Rourke and Anastassija Makarenko, 33-Year Age Difference

Mickey Rourke Sugar Daddy And Anastassija Makarenko

Mickey Rourke Sugar Daddy And Anastassija MakarenkoAlthough many peo­ple know Mickey Rourke for his act­ing, he actu­ally started out as an ama­teur boxer and had lit­tle inter­est in becom­ing a movie star. Rourke won his first match at the age of 12, fol­low­ing it up with 27 more ama­teur box­ing wins, with only three losses. After suf­fer­ing sev­eral seri­ous con­cus­sions, Rourke decided it was time to retire—although he would later return to the ring.

Rourke made his film debut in 1979 with Steven Spielberg’s 1941. He landed a few more notable roles before decid­ing to return to box­ing because he felt like he didn’t respect him­self as an actor. Despite beat­ing many of his younger con­tenders, Rourke suf­fered many injuries, includ­ing a bro­ken nose and a split tongue, and even required recon­struc­tive surgery on his face. For­tu­nately, his act­ing chops were more than enough for him to return to Hollywood.

Rourke’s per­sonal life has a his­tory of being just as unsta­ble. He has been mar­ried twice, both times to for­mer co-stars. His sec­ond mar­riage, dur­ing which he was arrested for spousal abuse, ended in 1998. Since then, Rourke became known as a wom­an­izer, espe­cially of younger women. He even admit­ted to sleep­ing with 14 women in one night.

That’s why peo­ple didn’t really take it seri­ously when he revealed his lat­est sugar baby, Anas­tas­sija Makarenko, who was 33 years younger than him. Rourke claimed that when he first met the model, he wasn’t plan­ning on the rela­tion­ship get­ting seri­ous but she has since changed his mind about love.

The celebrity cou­ple has been together for about four years now, and Rourke cred­its Makarenko for turn­ing him into a changed man. Rourke has promised that despite his rocky past, he’s never cheated on her. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t thought about it. “I haven’t f***ed around on her. I haven’t been that way for 23 years so this is new to me and it’s not easy,” he told OK! Mag­a­zine. “Sure, I could do some­thing on the side but I’ve got to live with myself.”


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