Millionaire Dating


If you’ve dreamed of liv­ing in the lap of lux­ury and com­fort, enjoy­ing the most exotic get­aways, shop­ping at the finest bou­tiques, and eat­ing at the fan­ci­est restau­rants, mil­lion­aire dat­ing might be the answer to your prayers.

Dat­ing mil­lion­aire men might seem like an impos­si­ble idea if you’re cur­rently liv­ing an aver­age lifestyle, work­ing an aver­age job, and hang­ing out with your just-as-average friends, but you’d be sur­prised to see how far you can get with a lit­tle guid­ance to point you in the right direc­tion. Here’s every­thing you need to know to start and suc­ceed at mil­lion­aire dating.

The Per­fect Woman for Mil­lion­aire Dat­ing (Not What You’d Expect)

If you’re wor­ried about not being up to par with a rich man’s finan­cial sta­tus, don’t be, because you don’t nec­es­sar­ily need to be rich to be dat­ing a mil­lion­aire. In fact, it’s bet­ter if you’re not: it turns out that when it comes to mil­lion­aire dat­ing, rich men actu­ally pre­fer to be with some­one who doesn’t make as much money as they do. Accord­ing to a sur­vey con­ducted by a pop­u­lar mil­lion­aire dat­ing site, the major­ity of the 15,000 men polled (79.6%) said that they would pre­fer to be with a woman who isn’t a millionaire.

These mil­lion­aire dat­ing sta­tis­tics coin­cide with what we’ve seen here at From our expe­ri­ence, most rich men aren’t inter­ested in being with some­one who’s just as wealthy, as they enjoy hav­ing the finan­cial power to pro­vide for and take care of the woman in their life. That’s why mil­lion­aire dat­ing is an ideal arrange­ment; as the woman, you get to live a high-end lifestyle with­out hav­ing the high-end income, while he gets to spend his money just the way he wants to.

The Best Cities for Mil­lion­aire Dating

If you’ve got your sights set on dat­ing mil­lion­aire men, it helps to be where the money is. As of 2012, New York City was home to the high­est num­ber of mil­lion­aires (defined as hav­ing assets of at least $1.0 mil­lion USD, exclud­ing a pri­mary res­i­dence) in North Amer­ica at 389,000. You’ll prob­a­bly have the best luck with mil­lion­aire dat­ing in Man­hat­tan, which is where seven per­cent of the all mil­lion­aires in the U.S. report­edly live.

If you’re will­ing to ven­ture out­side of the U.S. in pur­suit of mil­lion­aire dat­ing, you’ll want to head to Tokyo, Japan. With 460,700 mil­lion­aires, the city is home to more mil­lion­aires than any­where else in the world. How­ever, Tokyo also has a huge pop­u­la­tion, result­ing in only 35 mil­lion­aires per 1,000 people.

That’s why you might have a bet­ter shot at mil­lion­aire dat­ing in Frank­furt, Ger­many, where you’re more than twice as likely to rub shoul­ders with a rich man. That’s because although there are fewer mil­lion­aires in total, there’s also a smaller pop­u­la­tion; it works out to 75 mil­lion­aires for every 1,000 people.

Where to Find Prospects for Mil­lion­aire Dating

Afflu­ent peo­ple tend to hang out in more sophis­ti­cated places, so avoid trashy bars or night­clubs if you’re look­ing for a mature man.

You’ll have bet­ter luck with mil­lion­aire dat­ing by vis­it­ing more high-profile venues, like five-star restau­rants and bars, golf clubs, local muse­ums or art gal­leries, mari­nas, and casi­nos. These types of places are more likely to be fre­quented by rich man of your dreams.

A mil­lion­aire dat­ing site is another good option. Rich men may not have the time to go out and find a part­ner the tra­di­tional way, so online dat­ing can be espe­cially use­ful. There is a ton of dat­ing sites out there, but use some dis­cre­tion when sign­ing up. Look for sites that spe­cial­ize in mil­lion­aire dat­ing and that offer ver­i­fied pro­files with exten­sive back­ground checks, since you want to make sure you’re pro­tected and that the man on the other end really is who he says he is. Online dat­ing is also a more viable option if you’re inter­ested in secretly dat­ing mil­lion­aire men; some peo­ple pre­fer to keep their per­sonal life pri­vate, and there’s noth­ing wrong with that.

Tips for Mil­lion­aire Dating

Even though you may not be as rich as your part­ner when dat­ing mil­lion­aire men, you should still look the part. While there are always excep­tions, most rich men are edu­cated, con­fi­dent, and ambi­tious. They usu­ally dress well and tend to asso­ciate with oth­ers who are like them. That means that with mil­lion­aire dat­ing, there’s a good chance that you’re going to be spend­ing a lot of time in the com­pany of other afflu­ent and suc­cess­ful peo­ple, like his col­leagues and friends.

If you want to be suc­cess­ful at mil­lion­aire dat­ing, it helps to pay spe­cial atten­tion to the way you dress—think fit­ted pen­cil skirt and blouse instead of a tight mini dress—and how you carry your­self. This will not only help you attract the right man, but will also ensure that he sticks around. In the world of mil­lion­aire dat­ing, you want to come across as being sexy but ele­gant, fun but sophis­ti­cated, and inde­pen­dent but com­ple­men­tary. He should want to show you off to every­one in his inner circle.

If you’re try­ing mil­lion­aire dat­ing for the first time, you may become part of a world that seems entirely new to you. But keep an open mind and make the most of the new expe­ri­ences. If you’re unsure about proper attire or what’s expected of you at an event, there’s no harm in ask­ing; it’s bet­ter to ask and be sure, then guess and be way off the mark. The right man will under­stand that it’s new for you and he’ll want you to look and feel good, too.

Not all rich men have worked hard for their money—some might have inher­ited it—but for the most part, with wealth comes work. When mil­lion­aire dat­ing, you have to be aware of the fact that he’s more than likely going to be busy work­ing long hours; it’s just part of the deal when you’re dat­ing mil­lion­aires. So be patient and try to avoid being needy. It’s not nec­es­sar­ily that he doesn’t want to spend time with you, but he’s prob­a­bly got a lot of other respon­si­bil­i­ties on his plate too. There’s also the pos­si­bil­ity that he’s just become so accus­tomed to doing his own thing that he doesn’t really know how to be in a rela­tion­ship. But in mil­lion­aire dat­ing, a lit­tle patience can go a long way.

It’s also impor­tant to keep in mind when mil­lion­aire dat­ing that money doesn’t always make him a gen­tle­man. A lot of times, a big bank account can come with an even big­ger ego. There are also plenty of rich men out there who aren’t wor­ried about treat­ing a woman with respect, because they know that hav­ing money makes them a catch for so many other women out there. Although these types of men may be few and far between, you should still be wary of them when mil­lion­aire dat­ing. You have to decide what qual­i­ties and char­ac­ter traits are impor­tant to you when dat­ing mil­lion­aires, and never sac­ri­fice those val­ues just for the sake of money. Above all else, always have respect for your­self, no mat­ter how rich he is.


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