Money, Kids, and Sex: Why Younger Women Date Rich, Older Men: Part 2

Do you have daddy issues? Do you, or did you, have a bad rela­tion­ship with your father?

A lot of peo­ple assume that a younger woman dat­ing an older man is look­ing for a father fig­ure, or that she has unre­solved issues with her father. I can assure you that that is not always the case with a May-December rela­tion­ship. Most of the younger women I know who are dat­ing older men are with them because they do like a mature, respect­ful man. But that doesn’t mean that he’s fatherly. It can sim­ply be that he is in a place in his life where he is sta­ble. A lot of younger women don’t know many men around their own age who are as suc­cess­ful as some older men—an older man has spent more time in the work­force, so is more likely to hold a posi­tion of senior­ity. A lot of younger men haven’t acquired as much wealth yet, so the women tend to pre­fer the older, more finan­cially sta­ble men. Also, I’ve found that older men are more respect­ful toward woman, due to the way they were raised and the gen­er­a­tion difference.

Do you have sex? Is he even able to? Does he need a spe­cial pill? Does he have stamina?

I can­not even state how many times my younger friends ask me this when they first find out that I am dat­ing an older man. They assume that any­one over the age of 40 requires lit­tle blue pills to help with sex. More often than not, men don’t need Via­gra or Cialis. Some men do, and that is OK. But men and women can both have healthy sex lives well into their 90s. My younger friends also have a hard time believ­ing that my older man has no prob­lem with keep­ing up with me or try­ing new things—believe me: he can keep up and is always open to exper­i­ment­ing in the bed­room. Sex with an older man can be just as sat­is­fy­ing, if not more sat­is­fy­ing, than with a younger man. He may be older, but he always knows what he’s doing.