Motley Crue Legend Nikki Sixx, 55, Marries Hot Young Model, Courtney Bingham, 28

Nikki Sixx Sugar Daddy And Courtney BinghamBeing a suc­cess­ful rock star always gives you the upper hand in the dat­ing depart­ment, no mat­ter how old you get.

That’s why we’re not too sur­prised that yet another older rock star has tied the knot with a sugar baby who’s nearly half his age. Möt­ley Crüe co-founder and gui­tarist Nikki Sixx, 55, mar­ried his girl­friend, 28-year-old model Court­ney Bing­ham on March 15 in Bev­erly Hills.

The celebrity cou­ple exchanged rings in front of 130 guests dur­ing a chic gothic rock/French coun­try­side themed wed­ding. In keep­ing with his rock n’ roll style, Nikki Sixx wore a clas­sic black suit, but added a lit­tle extra edge with a black ban­dana around his fore­head, flashy sil­ver acces­sories, and Con­verse sneak­ers. Mean­while, Court­ney Bing­ham wore an ele­gant white gown and then changed into a sec­ond knee-length dress after the ceremony.

The celebrity cou­ple first met three years ago and got engaged back in 2013 after the sugar daddy popped the ques­tion dur­ing their vaca­tion in St. Bart’s. While this is the sugar baby’s first time down the aisle, Nikki Sixx has been mar­ried twice before; both of his ex-wives are for­mer Play­boy mod­els and are both 10 years younger than him. He also has four kids and his old­est is only five years younger than his new wife.


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