My Lucrative “Play Date” with a Very Rich Older Man (Who Also Happens to Be My Friend’s Ex)

The phone rang at 11:45 p.m., just as I was drift­ing off to sleep. It was my new bil­lion­aire sugar daddy, Michael. “Hello?” I asked still half asleep.

What are you doing?” Michael asked chuck­ling. “You aren’t sleep­ing are you? Because I want to see you, say in a half hour?”

I’ll be there in 45 min­utes,” I responded as I sat up. I was sud­denly very much awake.

See you soon sexy.” And with that, he hung up. My friend and his ex-sugar baby, Kate, said he was exhaust­ing, and boy was she right. I thought about just going back to bed instead. But I wanted to get to know Michael, so I hopped in the shower and was on my way. I didn’t exactly get all “glammed up,” because it wasn’t my style. I fig­ured that if Michael really liked me, then he should like me for me. If not, too damn bad. I take care of my appear­ance, but I wasn’t inter­ested in always walk­ing around with 10 pounds of makeup, false eye­lashes, and a push-up bra.

To my sur­prise, Michael much rather pre­ferred the more nat­ural look on me. When I arrived, he noticed right away and loved it. He hugged me and kissed my cheek while plac­ing his hand on my lower back to guide me into the house.

We headed down to the bar where Michael mixed our drinks and we talked. Michael asked if I was ner­vous. “I really like you,” he said. “I think you can give me what I need. You and Kate are won­der­ful, but I am really just inter­ested in you at this point. You seem like the kind of down-to-earth girl I need in my life. You are open-minded, nat­u­rally beau­ti­ful, and kind.”

What he said next really took me by sur­prise. “I want to take you on a trip. Let’s go any­where you want. How does that sound?” He asked, grinning.

Lovely, but trav­el­ing will have to wait until I get a break from school. Is Kate OK with all of this? She really loved you, you know,” I asked hesitantly.

Kate will be fine. Would you like to go play now? I have some inter­est­ing ideas for us.” Michael asked.

It seemed as though every­thing Kate said about him was right. Michael used his money to get what­ever he wanted, and that included me. I was OK with this, at first. I didn’t want any­thing seri­ous and wanted to quit work­ing at the bar. Michael was the answer to that predica­ment. He seemed to gen­uinely want more with me than he had with Kate. I had no prob­lem with this, because between Michael and me, things were easy. Every­thing flowed. Michael was a lot older than I was, but despite the age dif­fer­ence, we had a great time together.

So, I silenced my nerves and we headed into the room to “play.”