My Older Man Stood Me Up for Not One, But Two Other Women—Here’s Why I Forgave Him: Part 1

My older lover, Mr. Brown, knew he had made a huge mis­take stand­ing me up to spend the evening with his part­ner and two escorts, espe­cially since we were on vaca­tion with my kids. I knew he was more than nice for let­ting us tag along and turn his busi­ness trip into a beach vaca­tion, but after the drunken stunt he had pulled the night before, he owed me big time. We only had two days left before we needed to pack up and head back to reality—the real­ity being that he was my boss, too.

The kids and I headed back to the condo after a nice din­ner at Chuck E. Cheese’s and it was pretty late. I got the text from Mr. Brown telling me to get back to the condo ASAP, because he needed to talk to me. I was pretty sure he knew how pissed off I was, and I made sure he knew how upset I was. We pulled into the condo, and Mr. Brown was out on the bal­cony drink­ing a tall glass of water. I fig­ured he used that to take two aspirins to help cure the hang­over he was prob­a­bly also having.

My girls told me they were going to go inside and get their paja­mas on, since they were pretty tired. I told them they could go ahead; I wanted to talk to Mr. Brown and a moon­lit walk on the beach was a good way to calm me down. I let the girls go inside and I stayed out on the balcony.

Before I could even let him say any­thing, I told him how upset and dis­ap­pointed I was—I didn’t want to fight with him, but he needed to know. He told me he was so sorry about the part­ner being there and bring­ing along two escorts. He told me he had been so caught up in the busi­ness deal and talk­ing that he just kept order­ing round after round for him and the busi­ness part­ner; that’s when the two girls just showed up. He told me the part­ner knew of Mr. Brown’s ail­ing wife, and thought he could use a “good night out.”

I asked if a “good night out” for him usu­ally included hook­ers, and he told me that a few years back, he and this par­tic­u­lar attor­ney used to hire escorts to go out on the town with, before they were both higher-ups at the firm. He told me he just hadn’t got­ten around to telling his part­ner that he was actu­ally see­ing some­one, and he didn’t for­get me; he just lost track of time. I told him I under­stood that busi­ness was busi­ness, and I under­stood grab­bing a few drinks and los­ing track of time, but I told him I didn’t appre­ci­ate being stood up.

He grabbed my hand and we headed down towards the beach. I yelled in and told the girls I would be back shortly. When I didn’t get a response I fig­ured they had fallen asleep already. The moon was full and the white sand of the beach was so pretty. The crash­ing waves really helped to relax me. As we walked fur­ther from the condo, I real­ized there was a blan­ket and bot­tle of wine a cou­ple feet in front of me. There were no other really close con­dos, so it prac­ti­cally looked like we had the whole beach to ourselves.

I sat down on the blan­ket and told Mr. Brown how my ex-husband used to treat me like noth­ing, and how he made me feel bad about myself. He would always gawk at other women, and I felt unat­trac­tive. I told Mr. Brown I never felt that with him—until tonight. See­ing him with those other women made me so mad. He looked at me and told me that I’ve never looked as hot as when he saw me angry…