My Older Man Stood Me Up for Not One, But Two Other Women—Here’s Why I Forgave Him: Part 2

Mr. Brown grabbed me by the back of the head and kissed me pas­sion­ately. He tasted like expen­sive cig­ars and I could smell his cologne mixed in with the expen­sive whiskey he had been drink­ing with the part­ner from the other firm. I was so mad at him that I wanted to pull away, but I couldn’t. We were on the beach­front, lis­ten­ing to the waves lap­ping, and had can­dle­light and the moon over­head. It was all so romantic—I couldn’t help but give in to him. I didn’t want to, and I really tried hard to pull away, but this just made him grab me more.

He ran his hand down my back, try­ing to pull my shirt up over my head. The weather was warm and the water that neared my feet was, too. Instead of rolling around on the beach, get­ting sand every­where, I stood up and removed my shirt. I gave him a look that I knew he couldn’t resist and grabbed him by the waist­band of his pants. I could tell he was hard as a rock and wanted me more than he prob­a­bly ever had before. As we walked towards the water, I removed the rest of my clothes, except for those expen­sive bra and panties I had pur­chased just for our spe­cial dinner—the din­ner that had been ruined by his drunkenness.

I was about knee deep in the water and kicked some up at him play­fully. I watched him hurry up and take off his watch and his ring, putting them in the pocket of his pants. He laid them down next to our blan­ket and ran towards me in the water. He picked me up in one swift swoop­ing motion and I could feel how hot his body was. He spun me around, straight out of a fairy tale, and started kiss­ing me. The hot, pas­sion­ate kiss­ing while stand­ing in the cool water was such an incred­i­ble feel­ing. He slipped his hand under the back of my bra and undid the hooks. He con­tin­ued to feel me all over, before slip­ping off my lacy under­wear as well. I watched them float away in the ocean before I watched him pull off his boxers.

We made love right there in the mid­dle of the ocean under­neath the moon­light. As things con­tin­ued, I could feel him get­ting a lit­tle tired; he was last­ing far longer than he had before. He made an effort to carry me towards the blan­ket again. I wrapped my legs around him as tight as I could so that he didn’t slip out from inside me. He laid me down on the sand, which was still hot from ear­lier that day. We were try­ing to be as care­ful as we could to keep the sand out of our behinds. As he got closer to fin­ish­ing, I felt the waves again on my toes, and I tried to keep them from curl­ing up.

We both were close to fin­ish­ing now, and I let out a loud moan that must have trig­gered him, as well. Thank­fully, I was close enough to the blan­ket to grab it and wrap up in it. He stood up to shake the sand off, and I watched the moon shin­ing on his back. He looked so hand­some. I told him I was ready to go inside and get a shower and that, even though the sex we just had was great, I was still mad at him. He just laughed and told me to put my clothes back on and we could hit show­ers as soon as we got inside.

Even though we had an argu­ment, this was still some of the best days I had ever spent with any­one. Unfor­tu­nately, we would be headed back to real­ity soon, and our rela­tion­ship was about to take a wild turn.