My Rich Older Man was Amazing in Bed, But When He Did This, It Just Blew My Mind: Part 3

Mr. Brown told me that the two young women sit­ting with him and his part­ner were actu­ally escorts. I was shocked! I thought the part­ner was hap­pily married—what was he doing with escorts? Mr. Brown told me he never called me because the part­ner knew that Mr. Brown’s wife had been in bad health for some time and wanted to sur­prise him—I guess hook­ers are the new bot­tle of wine!

Mr. Brown ran his hands up and down my back, and he looked back and winked at the part­ner, who gave him a thumbs-up back. I real­ized that Mr. Brown for­got to men­tion me, or the fact that I was com­ing for din­ner. I could tell Mr. Brown was pretty drunk at this point, and I clearly wasn’t look­ing for an even big­ger fight or blowout.

So, I walked over to the part­ner, intro­duced myself, and told him Mr. Brown was in good hands for the rest of the night. He winked at me and told me it looked like he was. He told me to let my lover know that every­thing was set for the deal (which also hap­pened to be a huge deal) and that he wanted us to enjoy the rest of our evening. He was sure to add that he was obvi­ously going to get his money’s worth out of the girls he had brought.

I called our dri­ver and told him to come pick Mr. Brown up from the restau­rant, and that I would be dri­ving the rental car back to the hotel. I was still really hun­gry and kind of pissed about what had hap­pened, but I knew with Mr. Brown being in the posi­tion he was in, I wasn’t look­ing for a drunken argu­ment. I drove the car back to the hotel, took him inside, and he decided that because he had far too much to drink, he wanted to lie down to go to sleep.

So, I decided to go get my girls and take them to a nice din­ner, just the three of us. I also wanted to talk about the pos­si­bil­ity of a future between me and Mr. Brown, and how they felt about it all. Their answer actu­ally sur­prised me more than I expected.