My Sexy Older Boss was Ignoring Me at Work, So I Did This to Get His Attention (and His Phone Number): Part 2

World’s Sexiest Rich Older Sugar Daddy

As I looked down, I noticed that the top of my bra and part of my breast was show­ing. Appar­ently I had missed the top but­ton of my shirt and that’s when it clicked—Brandon had taken a pic­ture to memo­ri­al­ize that moment with me, and to have some­thing to look at.

After real­iz­ing that Bran­don just took a pic­ture of me for the sole pur­pose of hav­ing a pic­ture of my boob peek­ing out, I was—turned on? It didn’t come off as a douchebag or per­verted move. First of all, it was sort of flat­ter­ing that he wanted to keep a pic­ture of me like that; I wasn’t nec­es­sar­ily com­fort­able with the idea of a man­ager hav­ing a pic­ture of me like that, but I knew Bran­don was just hav­ing a lit­tle fun. And besides, he was a good Chris­t­ian man—was that not against every­thing they believed in? Then it hit me. What if he didn’t real­ize that I was giv­ing a peep shot? Not only was I going to be humil­i­ated, but I knew that Bran­don would be too.

I waited until the end of the work day to decide what I was going to do. I wished that I had Brandon’s phone num­ber to put an end to all my ques­tions. This game of whether or not he liked me was start­ing to make me feel like an ele­men­tary school­girl. I was a grown woman and I needed to con­front what was going on with Brandon.

I looked around my desk and sud­denly remem­bered that Bran­don had given me his cell phone num­ber out of the blue as a way to keep in touch should Calvin, my man­ager, need any­thing. As a sec­re­tary, it wasn’t some­thing that I found strange—a man­ager giv­ing his per­sonal num­ber to the receptionist—but then recall­ing the con­ver­sa­tion, I did remem­ber some hes­i­ta­tion in Brandon’s voice. It had been a few months since that con­ver­sa­tion and that’s when I knew, there were the obvi­ous signs that this man was try­ing to get my atten­tion. Since I had so many doubts about his true inten­tions, I never took it as any­thing more than a typ­i­cal busi­ness exchange. To test my new the­ory, I waited until that night to send a text.

I was ner­vous. After think­ing of the per­fect mes­sage to send to Bran­don, the per­fect mix­ture of casual and flirty, I wrote, “Hey, this is Lena. Send me that pic­ture you took of us. It’s the least you could do.” I added an emoti­con and pushed the send button.

I imme­di­ately regret­ted it. All the doubts I had raced to the fore­front of my mind. It was two ago­niz­ing hours before he texted me back. Excited and dread­ing what­ever he may have said, I took some time before I opened the mes­sage. After giv­ing myself a pep talk that any rejec­tion would mean I could finally get over Bran­don, I opened up the mes­sage and was pleas­antly sur­prised. Bran­don had responded in the same flirty way and was not at all taken aback. His mes­sage read, “Is this my sexy, pretty-face Lena?

And that opened up the doors for the both of us. Had I not ever had the courage to text Bran­don that night and had I not made the first move, who knows how long we would’ve been beat­ing around the bush with each other.

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About Lena

I’d always dreamed of the perfect fairytale prince in storybooks—ready with money and status to come save me from my chaotic, average life and treat me like his princess. Add a 26-year age difference and I found the closest thing to it. Not everything comes as easy as we expect it to, but that’s what makes it all the more fun. At 18 years old, I experienced that “Mr. Right Now” love with a guy my age named Jared. Two years later, I met Brandon, my older man. Jared was the typical playboy who romanced my naïve younger self and made me fall hard for him. That relationship caused me to view love in an entirely different way than I previously had, and I’m actually glad it did. By the time I met Brandon, I had become wiser and more prepared for the reality of relationships. Even though at 20 years old I didn’t show the tell-tale signs of a smart, mature woman, that was exactly what I had become. I started as a part-time secretary for a highly respectable office, while juggling a full-time load of college courses at the local university. It was my first official job where I had to wear heels, pencil skirts, and an occasional suit. I was no longer the high-school girl that found “true love” after graduation and had her heart broken immediately after. The new woman I was now was confident and smart, and when I saw Brandon walk through the lobby door, I knew he’d be a challenge, one I was ready to accept. Now at 22, and Brandon at 48, we’ve managed to keep a two -year relationship feeling like the very first day we met—all the excitement and butterflies are still very much present.