New Parents Alert: Mary-Kate Olsen, 27, and 44-Year-Old Olivier Sarkozy?

Olivier Sarkozy Sugar Daddy and Mary-Kate OlsenMary-Kate Olsen—who shot to fame after star­ring in the ‘90s sit­com Full House—is appar­ently ready to be a mom. The 27-year-old child-star-turned-fashionista has been dat­ing her much older man, 44-year-old banker Olivier Sarkozy, for the past year and a half, and now wants to take their May-December rela­tion­ship to the next level. Accord­ing to an insider, Olsen wants to have kids with Sarkozy, but isn’t in any rush to get mar­ried first. “She’d like to get preg­nant, but isn’t so sure about mar­riage,” a source told Us Weekly.

Sarkozy already has two kids, aged 12 and 10, from his pre­vi­ous mar­riage, and Olsen report­edly thinks he’s a “great dad,” although the source says it’s his rela­tion­ship with Olsen that’s respon­si­ble for that. “Mary-Kate has made him a bet­ter father,” said the insider. “She remem­bers all the kids’ spe­cial events.”

Although mar­riage doesn’t sound like an option for this celebrity cou­ple right now, they are already liv­ing together in their $6.25 mil­lion house in New York City. They moved in only three months after they started dat­ing, much to the dis­may of Sarkozy’s ex-wife, who openly slammed their May-December rela­tion­ship, call­ing it “grotesque” and “not right.”

If the celebrity cou­ple does end up hav­ing kids of their own, you can be sure they won’t grow up in the spot­light, like Olsen did. “I look at old pho­tos of me, and I don’t feel con­nected to them at all,” she said in a recent inter­view, liken­ing her and her twin sis­ter, Ash­ley, to “lit­tle mon­key per­form­ers,” adding, “I would never wish my upbring­ing on anyone.”

What do you think: Would you try for kids with­out get­ting mar­ried first?


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