Nigella Lawson’s Older Husband Springs Surprise Divorce

Nigella Lawson and Sugar Daddy Springs SurpriseIt doesn’t come as much of a sur­prise that celebrity chef Nigella Law­son, 53, and her 70-year-old hus­band, Charles Saatchi, are get­ting a divorce. What is sur­pris­ing, how­ever, is the fact that he’s the one who filed for the divorce.

Less than a month ago, a pho­to­graph sur­faced of Saatchi with his hands around his younger wife’s neck. Although Saatchi pub­licly defended him­self, say­ing that the pic­ture looked worse than it really was, Law­son never made a pub­lic state­ment defend­ing the inci­dent, the pho­to­graph, or her mar­riage to an older man. Her rep sim­ply said con­firmed that she and the kids had left their fam­ily home, although at the time, Saatchi insisted they left to take cover from reporters sta­tioned out­side the house.

Saatchi recently released a state­ment con­firm­ing that he had filed for divorce, stat­ing his dis­ap­point­ment with how she han­dled the inci­dent: “I feel that I have clearly been a dis­ap­point­ment to Nigella dur­ing the last year or so, and I am dis­ap­pointed that she was advised to make no pub­lic com­ment to explain that I abhor vio­lence of any kind against women, and have never abused her phys­i­cally in any way.”

Saatchi also stated that he and his younger wife were going through some rough times and had drifted apart over the last year. Saatchi also added a bit of salt to the wound by say­ing that he could have very well been the vic­tim in the sce­nario that unfolded in the restau­rant that day. “The row pho­tographed at Scott’s restau­rant could equally have been Nigella grasp­ing my neck to hold my attention—as indeed she has done in the past.”

Accord­ing to the British news­pa­per that pub­lished the exclu­sive state­ment, Law­son didn’t know before­hand that he had filed for divorce, and she found out the same way the rest of the world did—by read­ing his state­ment in the paper.

What do you think: Did Nigella Law­son han­dle the inci­dent poorly, or was she right to stay silent about it?


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