One Big Reason Why You Probably Won’t Like the New “Fifty Shades of Grey” Movie

The recent release of the highly-anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie has stirred up a lot of conversation—some peo­ple loved how the movie touched on the sex­ual nature of the novel, while oth­ers are dis­ap­pointed with how many details from the book were left out of the film adaptation.

Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t the first best­selling book to be turned into a movie, but every time one of these comes out, peo­ple start com­par­ing the writ­ten ver­sion to the on-screen one. This usu­ally leads to the ques­tion, why read a book when you can watch the movie? It’s an espe­cially hot-button ques­tion when you’re talk­ing about an erotic, sex­u­ally charged story like Fifty Shades of Grey—wouldn’t it be more sat­is­fy­ing to watch the steamy sex scenes than read about them?

Well, accord­ing to some experts, watch­ing erotic sto­ries won’t be as sat­is­fy­ing for women as read­ing about them, at least in the case of Fifty Shades of Grey, because research shows that women pre­fer sex­ual con­tent to be tex­tual, as opposed to visual. Appar­ently it all boils down to evo­lu­tion. In order to evolve, men are said to be hard­wired to spread their seed and prop­a­gate, which means hav­ing as many kids as pos­si­ble. “For a man, all he needs to know is whether the woman is healthy and fer­tile. You can judge that visu­ally,” explains acclaimed neu­ro­sci­en­tist Ogi Ogas. This explains why men are more eas­ily stim­u­lated by visual cues, such as erotic movies like Fifty Shades of Grey.

Women, on the other hand, are inher­ently more metic­u­lous about pick­ing a mate because, bio­log­i­cally, they have fewer oppor­tu­ni­ties than men to bear chil­dren. Accord­ing to this the­ory, women need to know all about a man before decid­ing whether or not he has enough long-term poten­tial to have sex with him. Brain scans have shown that women need more than a visual stim­u­lus in order to be psy­cho­log­i­cally aroused, because a pic­ture doesn’t pro­vide enough detail. “What is he think­ing? Will he be here for the long haul? These are not ques­tions you can get imme­di­ate answers to,” says Ogas, adding that nov­els, in this case the Fifty Shades of Grey book, are bet­ter suited to this inher­ent female thought process.

This the­ory sup­port­ing erotic books over movies is also clearly shown in other chan­nels. For instance, one pop­u­lar porn site tar­get­ing women report­edly only gets about 500,000 vis­its a month, but mil­lions of erotic books are reg­u­larly pur­chased by women. By Feb­ru­ary 2014, books sales of Fifty Shades of Grey alone passed the whop­ping 100-million mark.

Long story short, we’re not say­ing the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is a com­plete waste of time—it has its good points. But there’s a rea­son why a lot of female fans were left dis­ap­pointed after watch­ing it, and it’s a per­fectly log­i­cal one. So if you’re look­ing to really get aroused, you’re prob­a­bly bet­ter off pick­ing up a good book instead of rely­ing on a video.


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