One Important Thing You Need to Consider Before Settling Down With an Older Man

Important Thing to Consider Before Settling Down With an Older ManWhether you’re dat­ing an older man or some­one who’s the same age, it’s impor­tant to know what you want out of the relationship—and what you don’t want, for that mat­ter. That’s why more and more peo­ple are now adding “lifestyle clauses” to their prenup­tial agree­ments, to make sure their part­ners know what’s expected of them.

The agree­ments have aptly been labeled “love con­tracts,” and accord­ing to experts, many of the clauses that come up have to do with weight gain, cheat­ing, and even sex. Sev­eral celebrity cou­ples have already hopped on this trend. Michael Dou­glas and his younger wife, Cather­ine Zeta-Jones, have an agree­ment that if he cheats, she’ll get $5.0 mil­lion. If Justin Tim­ber­lake cheats on Jes­sica Biel, he’ll be pay­ing her $500,000. Nicole Kid­man placed an entirely dif­fer­ent type of clause in her prenup agree­ment with her recov­ered cocaine-addict hus­band, Keith Urban—if he uses any type of ille­gal drug, he loses all of his enti­tle­ment over her fortune.

Love con­tracts” aren’t only for mar­ried couples—lifestyle clauses can also be put into cohab­i­ta­tion agree­ments for cou­ples that just live together, but have no inten­tion of tying the knot. Like a prenup, cohab­i­ta­tion agree­ments set the terms for what’s expected in the rela­tion­ship, and what would hap­pen to assets if the common-law cou­ple splits up.

Putting your spe­cific expec­ta­tions down on paper can be espe­cially valu­able for younger women who are with older men, regard­less of whether or not it leads to mar­riage. Because of the age gap, there are likely going to be a whole new set of issues that need to be addressed in your rela­tion­ship, such as ex-wives and chil­dren. Younger men and older women in age-gap rela­tion­ships are also more likely to have dif­fer­ent val­ues and pri­or­i­ties in life, and if these are not addressed at the begin­ning of your rela­tion­ship, they can lead to detri­men­tal, not to men­tion heart­break­ing, con­se­quences down the road.


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  • dix­iedragon

    actu­ally a good idea for ANY mar­riage … after all when we are “dat­ing” we have the big bright plume of dat­ing feath­ers on — our nicest clothes, makeup, fra­grance, man­ners, and we act inter­ested in the other person’s life … once you set­tle down and see each other in the cold light of morn­ing and hear story after story after story of “what hap­pened at work” real­ity sets in.….. rules to love by are an excel­lent idea for any­one to make and dis­cuss PRE knot tying!!!