One Simple Trick to Make a Rich Older Man Give You Anything You Ask Him For: Part 1

I had no idea what I had just got­ten myself into. Here I was, with my new friend Kate, together at a multibillionaire’s house. Michael was rich, hand­some, and much older. My face must have been about 20 shades of red. “You’re blush­ing, Viv? That’s too adorable,” Michael said as he laughed. He walked up to Kate and whis­pered in her ear as he handed her a small gift bag. She smiled at me as she gath­ered her things and left.

It turns out that Michael knew about my job at the strip club, and wanted me to give him a pri­vate dance. Michael sat there on his barstool, sip­ping on scotch, just watch­ing me dance. He never tried to get any closer, he just watched this time.

After I fin­ished giv­ing him the best lap dance of his life—after all, I had to leave him want­ing more—I picked up my clothes and he pulled me in for a kiss. It was gen­tle, but the man clearly knew how to get a woman turned on. I kissed him back pas­sion­ately, smiled, and told him that I couldn’t wait to see him again, adding that it would be worth the wait. I was already falling for this man.

I excused myself to the bath­room to get dressed and when I returned to the bar, Michael was gone. There was a small gift bag on the barstool with a box inside and an enve­lope lay­ing next to it with my name hand­writ­ten on it. Inside of my bag was a check for $3,000, a set of dia­mond ear­rings, and instruc­tions to answer his call any­time, day or night.

I let myself out of his house and Kate was wait­ing out­side for me. “You are at his beck and call now, unless you choose not to answer. Let’s go home. It’s been a long day,” Kate said smil­ing, hold­ing up her gift bag.

At 9 o’clock the next morn­ing, Kate called me. “Vivian, wake up! Let’s go to the bank early.” I had only spent a max­i­mum of two hours at Michael’s house the night before, but I was exhausted for some rea­son. “C’mon lit­tle dove, get in the shower and I’ll pick you up in an hour,” chimed Kate.

OK,” I responded; I was still half asleep.

True to her word, Kate was right on time with cof­fee in hand and a bounce in her step. “Good morn­ing, sun­shine! Get in and let’s go. Make sure you’ve got your check from Michael and your cash from the shoot,” she instructed.

Why do we need to get there so early?” I asked, sip­ping my cof­fee and cov­er­ing my eyes from the bright out­door light. I was about to learn of a whole new side to Michael and how he liked to take care of “business”…