One Simple Trick to Make a Rich Older Man Give You Anything You Ask Him For: Part 2

We have to get to the bank early because Jea­nine, the bank teller who knows Michael and I, will be work­ing. I like to go through her because she’s not judg­men­tal, and will tell us to wait if he needs to move money around,” Kate said.

What do you mean move money around?” I asked naively.

Michael has many accounts. He pays us from his play account. Some­times he has to bug his accoun­tant to move money into it, espe­cially larger amounts. It’s his built-in pro­tec­tion so he doesn’t go buck wild and spend all of his money at once,” she responded.

Ah, I see. You two were really close weren’t you?” I asked.

She smirked and didn’t answer. We pulled into the bank and just as Kate said, Jea­nine was there and happy to see Kate. “Jea­nine, can you check this account and see if there’s enough to cover both of our checks?” asked Kate.

New girl, let me see your ID please. And yes, Kate, I can do that for you both. There is cur­rently enough to cover both checks, but she will have to open a bank account with us in order to cash this check,” Jea­nine responded effi­ciently as she pointed to me.

That’s good, because I have to do some­thing with this cash from the shoot any­way,” I said, plac­ing the enve­lope on the counter.  As we made our trans­ac­tions, Jea­nine and Kate made small talk. All in all, we were done in 15 min­utes. When we returned to Kate’s car, she turned to me with a seri­ous look on her face.

What’s wrong?” I asked.

Noth­ing. Every­thing that just hap­pened was very good. But lis­ten, any­time Michael gives you money, make sure you come early the next day and check first to see that the funds are in the account. If they aren’t, wait a day and check again. The longest Michael has ever gone with­out mov­ing money around for me was three days. He wants to take care of you and meet your needs, the same way he was doing for me. Some­times he’s so busy with all of his busi­nesses that he for­gets. Try to be patient with him, but also guard your­self against him,” said Kate. “He is not look­ing for love. The one woman he truly loved and mar­ried was an actress, who left him within a year of mar­riage. So, just don’t go down that road with him.”

Kate’s advice was golden; I had no idea how applic­a­ble it would be.  The day we cashed the checks, Michael called me instead of Kate at mid­night, just to see how I was and to chat, since he was out of town. I was shocked; I fig­ured he would be arrang­ing things through Kate for some time to come, but instead he cut right to the chase. He really did want to see that my needs were met and that I was being taken care of.

Michael said he wanted to see me alone with­out Kate, and that he wanted to start see­ing me reg­u­larly, but didn’t want to hurt Kate. And just like that, I had just entered into a “rela­tion­ship” with new older man.