One Sugar Daddy Relationship Gone Horribly Wrong

Cheyenne Poole, a 21-year-old from Indi­ana, met her sugar daddy, 58-year-old politi­cian Cur­tis Coon­rod, on an online dat­ing site. At first, the arrange­ment was exactly what she was look­ing for: she would spend a bit of time with him as friends and he would pay for her rent, clothes, and cell phone. But as things got more phys­i­cal and he started ask­ing for more time together, Poole wanted out. “He wanted kiss­ing and feel­ing, and that was some­thing that did not inter­est me at all,” she told The Indi­anapo­lis Star. “But I never wanted to tell him that, just because I didn’t want him to be angry.”

Instead of con­fronting her sugar daddy about her feel­ings, she instead plot­ted with her 24-year-old boyfriend, Ralph Lopez, to rob Coon­rod at gun­point. The scheme started with Poole invit­ing Coon­rod over for din­ner. Mid-way through their meet­ing, Lopez burst through the apart­ment door and tied Coon­rod to a chair while hold­ing a gun to his head. Poole’s plan was to flee the state with Lopez after stop­ping at an ATM to clear out Coonrod’s bank account. The duo were finally caught, but not before lead­ing police on a high-speed chase in Coonrod’s stolen car. Their court date is sched­uled for June 11.


The Indi­anapo­lis Star  web site:, accessed May 9, 2013.

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    She got what she didn’t want, but won­der if she felt it was worth it , bet not!

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