One Thing My Sugar Daddy Does So Much Better Than My Husband Ever Could: Part 2

After break­fast, the Stet­son man and I both show­ered and got ready for the day. The limo picked us up, as it always did in Las Vegas, and the Stet­son man instructed the dri­ver to go straight to the Bel­la­gio hotel. I thought this to be a bit odd, since all of his employ­ees were stay­ing there. I even asked him if he wanted to gam­ble some­where a bit safer, where we wouldn’t be spot­ted in pub­lic together. He informed me that gam­bling was not on our agenda and that he had some­thing else planned for the after­noon. Before I knew it, we were pulling into the Bellagio.

Once we got inside, he took my hand and guided me to the jew­elry store. He told the gen­tle­man behind the counter that he wanted to see Rolex watches for women. I must have had the most shocked look on my face. The gen­tle­man started remov­ing watches from the locked case. We would pick one up, I would try it on, and then we would dis­cuss how each one looked. This went on for well over an hour. I had never had a man so inter­ested in pleas­ing me with such an extrav­a­gant pur­chase. And it wasn’t even about the money. I was just enjoy­ing the Stet­son man’s atten­tion and I felt very special.

Finally, we decided on a Rolex with dia­monds around the face and the bezel. I loved it. It was by far one of the nicest gifts I had ever got­ten. The gen­tle­man rang up the watch and handed me the bag with the watch box inside—I was already wear­ing the new watch and felt like I was on top of the world.

We walked out of the jew­elry store and I stopped to thank him with a pas­sion­ate kiss. We kissed sev­eral times more after that. Sud­denly, we felt like we were being watched. We were caught. Sev­eral employ­ees were sit­ting on a bench not too far from us and had wit­nessed the entire kiss. I never did hear what was said on the plane ride home. But I knew that it was only a mat­ter of time before this all came out in the open, and well before I was pre­pared to deal with it.