The One Travel Destination You Should Never Let Your Lover Visit If You Want Them to Stay Faithful

One Travel Destination You Should Never Let Your Lover VisitIf you cheat on your sugar daddy while you’re on vaca­tion, would you fess up? We recently put this ques­tion out to read­ers and more than three-quarters (77.7%) of the respon­dents said they would keep their lips sealed. That might be because a lot of peo­ple are guilty of stray­ing when they travel.

In a recent sur­vey out of Britain, one in 20 respon­dents admit­ted to hav­ing an affair while on hol­i­day, and they also revealed where they think it is mostly likely going to hap­pen again: Ibiza, Spain. The travel hotspot was most com­monly cited as the loca­tion where most peo­ple would be tempted to cheat. Ibiza was also named by more than half of the par­tic­i­pants as the most likely city for some­one to end a rela­tion­ship in.

The sur­vey delved a lit­tle deeper into people’s travel choices to uncover what might lead peo­ple to have an affair abroad. The results showed that more than half of the respon­dents pick a des­ti­na­tion depend­ing on how roman­tic it would be—it looks like Ibiza might be a lit­tle too roman­tic.

On a more pos­i­tive note, the top travel des­ti­na­tion for a mar­riage pro­posal was Paris, with Bar­ba­dos being the top spot for elop­ing and Mal­dives for a des­ti­na­tion wed­ding. So the next time you plan a get­away with your sugar daddy, you may want to think twice about where to go.

What do you think: Would you admit to cheat­ing while on vacation?


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