Patrick Stewart Marries His Younger Woman, Sunny Ozell

Actor Patrick Stew­art has report­edly been dat­ing his much younger girl­friend, 35-year-old singer Sunny Ozell, since 2008—at 73, Stew­art is more than twice her age. But the large age dif­fer­ence doesn’t seem to be of any con­cern to this celebrity cou­ple. After a six-month engage­ment, Stew­art and Ozell finally made their May-December rela­tion­ship offi­cial with marriage.

The celebrity cou­ple tied the knot this past week­end, with Stewart’s X-Men co-star, Sir Ian McK­ellen, con­duct­ing the ceremony—McKellen revealed back in March that he was going to be offi­ci­at­ing Stew­art and Ozell’s wed­ding. Stew­art shared the mar­riage news with one sim­ple tweet, read­ing, “Yes, mar­ried.” The tweet also included a can­did pic­ture of Stew­art and his new young wife buried in a ball pool—it looks like this celebrity cou­ple still knows how to have fun.

McK­ellen con­firmed the celebrity couple’s mar­riage news by tweet­ing a pic­ture of him­self hold­ing up a T-shirt with the word “Min­is­ter” on it, along with his “Doc­tor of Divin­ity” cer­tifi­cate (the cer­tifi­cate that proves he was ordained.) McKellen’s tweet was accom­pa­nied by a sim­ple cap­tion: “I did my part.”

This is Stewarts’s third mar­riage. His first mar­riage ended in 1990 after 24 years and two chil­dren. His sec­ond mar­riage to actress Wendy Neuss lasted three years and ended in 2003.


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