Politician Gets Mixed Up in Scandalous May-December Affair with Famous Actress

Politician Scandalous Affair Wih Famous ActressNo one can for­get the White House scan­dal that made Mon­ica Lewin­sky an overnight celebrity—she had an illicit affair with the mar­ried pres­i­dent of the United States, Bill Clin­ton. It looks like France might have their own Mon­ica Lewin­sky now, but she’s already a celebrity.

French actress Julie Gayet, 41, is rumored to be the younger mis­tress of 59-year-old French pres­i­dent Fran­cois Hol­lande. News of their alleged affair sur­faced after a mag­a­zine pub­lished pho­tos of the pres­i­dent arriv­ing at Gayet’s home, claim­ing that the pair have been secretly sleep­ing together for a while. The president’s body­guard report­edly doesn’t arrive till the fol­low­ing morning.

Although Hol­lande has been in a long-term rela­tion­ship and Gayet is mar­ried with two kids, this isn’t the first time they’ve been rumored to be hav­ing an affair. Sim­i­lar alle­ga­tions sur­faced last year, although both par­ties adamantly tried to quell the rumors and Gayet even pur­sued legal action.

Part of it has to do with the fact that Gayet has been very vocal about her admi­ra­tion for Hol­lande as a leader and even appeared in a video for his 2012 cam­paign. “I met a hum­ble man who was so for­mi­da­ble that as a result, here I am sit­ting before you,” she said in the video. “He really lis­tens and that is quite rare, very, very rare even. I am very impressed with him, you can talk about every­thing in detail.” Gayet has also appeared at sev­eral polit­i­cal events in sup­port of the president.

So, did their rela­tion­ship really cross the line from pro­fes­sional to per­sonal? Hol­lande is report­edly con­sid­er­ing tak­ing legal action against the mag­a­zine that pub­lished the pho­tos for attack­ing his “right to pri­vacy,” but he hasn’t nec­es­sar­ily denied the affair claims. Gayet has yet to make any com­ment on this lat­est scandal.

After the pho­tos and affair rumors of Gayet and Hol­lande sur­faced, his girl­friend, Valérie Tri­er­weiler, was admit­ted to the hos­pi­tal for depres­sion and fatigue. She is said to be “pre­pared to for­give” the pres­i­dent, but she first needs to know “what Fran­cois Hollande’s inten­tions are” with regards to the sta­tus of their rela­tion­ship. Hol­lande report­edly told Tri­er­weiler about his affair with the younger woman the day before the pic­tures were published.

She is com­pletely stunned. Nat­u­rally, she couldn’t ignore the rumors that swirled around Paris in the past few weeks,” said one insider. Tri­er­weiler is expected to remain in hos­pi­tal for a few more days. How­ever, some sort of pub­lic state­ment is expected to be revealed soon to clar­ify her status—if her rela­tion­ship with Hol­lande ends, she’ll no longer be France’s First Lady and will no longer be able to use state funds.

What do you think: Are Fran­cois Hol­lande and Julie Gayet hav­ing an affair?


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Photo Credit: Fea­ture­flash / Shutterstock.com