Princess Charlene of Monaco Opens Up About Her Age-Gap Marriage to Prince Albert

Princess Charlene of Monaco Age-Gap Marriage to Sogay Daddy Prince Albert

Princess Charlene of Monaco  Age-Gap Marriage to Sogay Daddy Prince AlbertIt def­i­nitely pays to marry a prince. On a recent cover of ¡Hola! mag­a­zine (the Span­ish edi­tion of Canada’s Hello! mag­a­zine), Princess Char­lene of Monaco, 36, showed off a stun­ning gift from her hus­band, 55-year-old Prince Albert of Monaco: the Ocean tiara, made by Van Cleef and Arpels, adorned with 850 dia­monds and over 350 sapphires.

In honor of the publication’s 70th anniver­sary, Princess Char­lene gave a rare inter­view from inside the palace grounds, dur­ing which she opened up about her hus­band and their May-December marriage.

Although their mar­riage was once rumored to be forced by the royal fam­ily, Princess Char­lene main­tains that she has never been more in love with the older man. “My hus­band is my biggest sup­port, the per­son that I con­fide in and who knows me best,” she told the mag­a­zine, adding, “We must fight for what we believe in, for­give, move for­ward and not give up.”

In another recent inter­view with the Ital­ian edi­tion of Van­ity Fair, Princess Char­lene admit­ted that she and her hus­band have been through “many dif­fi­cult moments and pro­found changes” through­out their two-and-a-half-year mar­riage, but that the chal­lenge of stay­ing together has only brought them closer.

By dif­fi­cult moments, the for­mer Olympian may be refer­ring to the rumors that she was hav­ing cold feet about the mar­riage, partly because she had just found out that her soon-to-be hus­band had fathered a third ille­git­i­mate child. The cou­ple even report­edly spent their South African hon­ey­moon in dif­fer­ent hotels. There were also rumors that sur­faced two years into their mar­riage that Princess Char­lene was hav­ing an affair with rugby player Byron Kelle­her, who was much closer to her in age.

Nonethe­less, the royal cou­ple has man­aged to over­come these “dif­fi­cult moments,” and their mar­riage seems to be rock solid now. “I have a bound­less con­fi­dence in our love: Prince Albert is my hus­band, but he has also always been my best friend, and has been able to help me over­come obsta­cles that seemed insurmountable.”

Princess Char­lene even revealed that she’s ready for kids. “I want moth­er­hood very much, but every­thing is in God’s hands,” she told Van­ity Fair.

What do you think: What’s the most extrav­a­gant gift you’ve ever received from a man?


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