Private Investigator Exposes That Casey Kasem’s Widow Has Been Lying for Years (Shocking)

Private Investigator Exposed Casey Kasem’s WidowMay-December rela­tion­ships can get tricky when there are kids involved, and no one found that out bet­ter than the late Casey Kasem, who may never be able to rest in peace, because his fam­ily is still viciously attack­ing each other in the media. And nei­ther side seems will­ing to back down.

It all goes back to Kasem’s May-December rela­tion­ship with Jean Kasem, who’s 22 years younger. The celebrity cou­ple mar­ried 34 years ago, but his sec­ond wife has had a strained rela­tion­ship with his grown kids from his first mar­riage. As Casey Kasem inched closer to his death, his kids accused the younger woman of pur­posely bar­ring them from com­ing any­where near him, and in return, they slapped her with elderly abuse accu­sa­tions after he devel­oped fatal bed sores as a result of improp­erly mov­ing him from the hos­pi­tal. The kids and their step­mother have also been bat­tling each other for con­trol over Casey Kasem’s med­ical care.

Even after Casey Kasem died on June 15, 2014, his fam­ily con­tin­ued to go at it, and it’s only get­ting nas­tier, all thanks to his tumul­tuous May-December rela­tion­ship with Jean Kasem. For starters, the wife is accus­ing his kids of using their dead father for a quick cash grab.  Accord­ing to Jean Kasem, Casey’s daugh­ter, Kerri, called up the funeral home to find out how quickly she would be able to get her hands on a death cer­tifi­cate, which can only mean one thing. “Their impa­tience for Casey to die was obvi­ous when they killed him and now their impa­tience to col­lect on the life insur­ance is even more telling,” Jean Kasem told TMZ.

Casey Kasem’s kids have ammo of their own, and here’s where it gets even more twisted. The kids are claim­ing that their father’s May-December rela­tion­ship with Jean was hardly as per­fect as Jean tried to make every­one believe. In fact, his daugh­ter is accus­ing her of hav­ing an affair with a man who’s almost 20 years her junior while her elderly hus­band was on his deathbed. Kerri Kasem even hired a pri­vate inves­ti­ga­tor, who report­edly uncov­ered that Jean Kasem has moved the younger man into an ocean­front Mal­ibu condo that she and Casey owned.

One of Kerri Kasem’s lawyers also implied that their May-December rela­tion­ship was a sham when he wrote in court papers from March 2014, “Mrs. Kasem has been lying to Mr. Kasem for at least two years, telling him that they are divorced. What pos­si­ble motive could Mrs. Kasem have for such cru­elty.” Keep in mind that Casey Kasem had pro­gres­sive demen­tia. Jean Kasem hasn’t pub­licly com­mented on the affair alle­ga­tions or on the nature of her May-December rela­tion­ship with Casey Kasem before his pass­ing at the age of 82.


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    Oh, please!! Why shouldn’t she have a (dis­crete) affair? Casey was an invalid with demen­tia! Even the most lov­ing spouses turn to oth­ers under such circumstances.