Proof That My Illicit Affair with a Rich Older Man Is What Fixed My Broken Marriage: Part 2

Despite los­ing inter­est, my affair with Der­rick con­tin­ued for months. But the guilt of it all was really start­ing to wear me down. Look­ing back, I often won­der if my affair con­tin­ued as long as it did just because I was bored. My job was unin­spir­ing and most of my friends were too busy with their own happy lives to pay atten­tion to my crazy life. As faith­ful mar­ried women, they did not approve of my decep­tion and wanted lit­tle to do with my adven­tures. There were very few peo­ple who knew the truth.

Der­rick would still shower me with gifts, but each time, they seemed less and less appeal­ing. My hus­band was work­ing longer hours and had built a grow­ing, thriv­ing busi­ness. We had more money than ever and for the first time in our mar­riage I was free to buy what I pleased. I no longer needed Der­rick for finan­cial rea­sons. I was mostly with him for com­fort and to pass the time. We were both lonely and look­ing for some­thing we didn’t have. The funny part is that as much as we claimed to love each other, I think we were more in love with the “what if” more than with what there really was.

Even­tu­ally, Der­rick start­ing see­ing another woman and I saw him less and less. When I did see him, it was usu­ally just for sex or a friendly din­ner. The fre­quency of gifts also less­ened, but this time I didn’t care. Not sur­pris­ingly, I became more and more invested in my marriage.

Since I could no longer lean on my lover, I turned to my hus­band. He real­ized how much I needed and wanted his atten­tion, so he slowed down at work. We began inten­sive couple’s ther­apy and things were finally start­ing to look up. We invested a lot of time into each other and it seemed as though, for the first time in a long time, I was start­ing to fall in love with my hus­band again. But as the say­ing goes, there is always calm before the storm.