Read This First If You’re Considering Moving In with Someone Before You’re Married: Part 1

My new engage­ment ring was absolutely stunning—I couldn’t be hap­pier that my older man, Kee­gan, had just asked me to be his wife. I couldn’t wait for this mar­riage to start.

Before the big pro­posal, we had vis­ited sev­eral jew­el­ers together—“for fun,” at Keegan’s request—and sadly, I kept pick­ing out the same design before it dawned on me that it was the same exact ring that my ex-sugar daddy, Marco, had cho­sen for me. Although I didn’t really get to wear it, I had for­bid Kee­gan from pur­chas­ing that ring for me. I gave him an idea of what I liked, and he did the rest. And he did a very good job.

We were ecsta­tic, send­ing group texts to every­one we both knew say­ing, “She Said Yes!” along with pic­tures and videos that peo­ple had taken of the moment. It was all very sur­real, but things were finally mov­ing in the right direction.

Along with the excite­ment of our upcom­ing mar­riage, the day finally came to close on our new house. We imme­di­ately moved in. Mov­ing in together was an expe­ri­ence that I wasn’t pre­pared for. Kee­gan had amassed so much stuff over the years; I was just absolutely taken aback by his bor­der­line hoarder style. But as a newly engaged cou­ple who were now happy new home­own­ers, we were very excited to chris­ten each room. And we did.

After mov­ing in, I started shop­ping at thrift stores for things and just so hap­pened to find a stun­ning wed­ding gown at the local thrift shop for $20. I know I could afford to get some­thing a lit­tle more extrav­a­gant, but I couldn’t resist try­ing it on. And the wed­ding gown fit like a glove. I was in love.

You owe me!” Kee­gan said grab­bing me by the waist and pick­ing me up like a rag doll.

I don’t owe you sex! That’s just not right,” I screamed through fits of laugh­ter as he car­ried me around the house look­ing for a spot to lay me down.

Oh yes, you do! If there’s a wed­ding dress in that long gar­ment bag, you owe me sex. So, strip woman! Now, I com­mand it,” he said, plac­ing his hands on his hips with a cheeky grin.

Damn. He knew me too well—I just couldn’t resist a sexy older man who knew exactly what he wanted.

Can I try it on for you and then you can undress me?” I asked play­fully, try­ing to bar­gain with my sex­u­ally demand­ing future hus­band. Our sex­ual chem­istry was insane.

Sure, go ahead and get undressed,” he chuckled.

I quickly slipped into the wed­ding gown in the bath­room, put my hair in a messy bun, and threw on some lip­stick. As I stepped out of the bath­room, Kee­gan just watched me. “You look stun­ning honey, I really like the way this fits you,” he said, clos­ing in. We had crazy sex in that wed­ding dress in the liv­ing room and a few other places.

Over the course of the next few months, we set­tled into the house and set­tled into our new “mar­riage roles,” so to speak, of hus­band and wife. We were in a hon­ey­moon cocoon and it was lovely. Our sex life cat­a­pulted, until about three months after mov­ing in together…