I Finally Realized That I Loved My Husband, and Then My Sugar Daddy’s Wife Got In the Way: Part 2

Loved My HusbandCas­san­dra—” Robert paused. I could tell that he was try­ing to form the words in his head care­fully. The air was stiff; I could tell this was not going to end well. He knew more than he was let­ting on and my stom­ach was start­ing to knot up. “Can I be hon­est with you?” he asked.

Always,” I said with fear.

The woman is a pre­ten­tious b*tch. She doesn’t ever get to know any­one. She had no acquain­tances, espe­cially not women. She is much too self involved. So, how do you know her?” He pushed the sub­ject and I imme­di­ately felt the knot move from my stom­ach to my throat. I could not speak. “Cassandra?”

I inhaled deeply. “I – I – I used to work for her hus­band, Mr. Friedman.”

Robert’s eye twitched and he tilted his head from one side to another. “I used to work for Mr. Fried­man too, Cas­san­dra. His wife never knew my name, not in the five years I worked for him. I’m pretty sure she never cared to know anyone’s name except a few spe­cial women. So, how did she get to know yours?”

I could feel my head get­ting heavy and the blood rush­ing through my body. I was get­ting weaker and weaker. If he had worked for Der­rick for five years, then surely he must have known about Derrick’s phi­lan­der­ing ways. When I worked at Derrick’s office, there was always gos­sip and rumors, some of them about me, but mostly about all of the other women he had dated. No one really believed that I was his mis­tress, although few knew for a fact that I was. “I was his sec­re­tary. I had a lot of con­tact with her on the phone and when she would visit him at his office.” It was all a lie. She only came to his office once, and that was to see me.

I see,” said Robert. Again, he paused. “Then how come he didn’t say hello at the restau­rant when she did?”

I don’t know, Robert. I guess you would have to ask him. Why didn’t you say hello if you had worked for him?” I tried to take the focus of the con­ver­sa­tion off of me.

He looked upset, Cas­san­dra, and his wife looked like she was on a mis­sion. It’s been years since I have worked for him, so I doubt if he would even remem­ber me. I was one of thou­sands who worked for him.” He paused again and looked at me square in the eye. “So, you were his sec­re­tary, eh?”

What’s with all of the ques­tions, Robert? Is there some­thing you want to ask me?” I snapped, upset and irri­tated with the conversation.

Yes, actu­ally I do.”

Okay, then ask!” I exclaimed lividly.

Were you one of his mis­tresses?” He raised his eye­brow and looked me straight in the eyes as he waited for my answer.