Reese Witherspoon’s 39th Birthday — A Journey

Reese Witherspoon

The Amer­i­can sweet­heart, Oscar-winner Reese With­er­spoon, deserves a trib­ute on her 39th birth­day. The effort­lessly beau­ti­ful actress needs no introduction—her work speaks vol­umes for her. The Legally Blonde star didn’t have fame served to her on a plat­ter; rather it was hard-earned and well-deserved.

The world-renowned actress found her pas­sion for act­ing at the young age of seven. Seince being dis­cov­ered for a flower shop adver­tise­ment, to play­ing lead roles in her teenage years, her exten­sive work has become proof of her lim­it­less talent.

Not only has Reese With­er­spoon been a part of chal­leng­ing roles, she has also done jus­tice to them, with her nat­ural abil­ity to act. The actress achieved world­wide recog­ni­tion after her role as Elle Woods in the 2001 roman­tic com­edy Legally Blonde.

Reese was pushed to her lim­its when she was asked to play the chal­leng­ing role of June Carter Cash, Johnny Cash’s wife, in the movie Walk the Line. Audi­ences were left in awe of her Acad­emy Award-winning performance.

In addi­tion to an Acad­emy Award, Reese With­er­spoon has also won a Golden Globe, a BAFTA Award, two Inde­pen­dent Spirit Awards, two MTV Movie Awards, three People’s Choice Awards, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and three Teen Choice Awards, among a list list of other awards and nominations.

As we’ve seen, glo­ri­fy­ing suc­cess can come with a price, and Reese With­er­spoon has paid every bit of it in her per­sonal life. The head-turning beauty has had her share of ups and downs. After being in a series of failed rela­tion­ships, what she thought would be ever­last­ing love with Ryan Phillippe also ended with a failed marriage.

How­ever, the uni­verse blessed Reese With­er­spoon with three beau­ti­ful chil­dren, who have become her strength and moti­va­tion to move ahead in life. With her career still soar­ing, she was lucky in love again and found her happy end­ing with actor Jim Toth. With a slew of awards under her sleeve, a beau­ti­ful fam­ily, and love-filled mar­riage, her future seems to only glow brighter.