Robin Thicke Caught Cheating on His Wife, Paula Patton, Again with Another Younger Woman?

Sugar Daddy Robin Thicke Caught Cheating on Wife Paula PattonRobin Thicke is in hot water again. Back in August 2013, the singer was accused of cheat­ing on his wife, Paula Pat­ton, with a much younger female fan who claimed he made out with her at a party and insisted that he wanted to take her to bed because he liked that she was so young. Thicke dis­missed the affair claims, main­tain­ing that his mar­riage to Pat­ton was per­fectly fine and that they were still “per­fectly in love.”

Fast for­ward five months and Thicke is once again being accused of cheat­ing on his wife—like last time, the inci­dent occurred at a night­club with a younger female fan. But unlike the first time, Thicke’s wife wasn’t in the same room. After per­form­ing at Club 79 in Paris, 36-year-old Thicke joined his fans on the dance floor, espe­cially the female fans, but pho­tographs taken at the event show him get­ting extra close to one woman in par­tic­u­lar, and she looked sig­nif­i­cantly younger than him. They were seen doing more than just danc­ing together—the pho­tos show them hug­ging, cradling each other’s faces, and in one shot, it even looks like they’re mid-kiss.

There’s a chance that these pic­ture are more inno­cent than they look—perhaps Thicke was just talk­ing to the younger woman in a loud night­club and the pho­tog­ra­pher got a bad angle? Regard­less of whether or not this was a real affair, fans are slam­ming the singer just for get­ting that close to the younger woman, being a mar­ried man and all. But then again, Thicke did call his rela­tion­ship with Pat­ton “the most func­tional, dys­func­tional mar­riage in Hol­ly­wood.” The celebrity cou­ple hasn’t com­mented on these lat­est affair allegations.

What do you think: Would you be OK with your part­ner going out and par­ty­ing with­out you?


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