Robin Thicke Cheated on Paula Patton with a Younger Woman—Look What He’s Saying About His Wife Now

It’s been about a month now since Robin Thicke and his wife, Paula Pat­ton, announced that they were tak­ing a break from their mar­riage. The not-so-surprising news came just a few months after Thicke was accused of cheat­ing with a much younger woman at a party, while his wife was a few feet away.

Almost imme­di­ately after the celebrity cou­ple split, Robin Thicke began pro­fess­ing his love for his wife in the mid­dle of his con­certs. He also sent sev­eral ornate bou­quets to her home. But did his efforts pay off?

When asked in a recent inter­view about the state of his mar­riage, Robin Thicke said, “We’re both doing well. We’re both very happy right now, much hap­pier.” He didn’t really clar­ify if that meant that they’re hap­pier being apart, or that they’re happy because their mar­riage is on the road to recovery.

Although Thicke also men­tioned that his wife really “loved” his sweet, roman­tic ges­tures to try and win her back, other reports have spec­u­lated that Pat­ton isn’t quite ready to give her hus­band a sec­ond chance. And Thicke sort of hinted that their mar­riage may be over when he described his future goals as being “a great father” and “a great friend to Paula.” Note that he said friend, not hus­band. Mean­while, Pat­ton still hasn’t com­mented on their split or the pos­si­bil­ity of rec­on­cil­i­a­tion in their mar­riage. But she hasn’t been wear­ing her wed­ding ring.

What do you think: Will Robin Thicke and Paula Pat­ton get back together, or is this celebrity couple’s mar­riage over for good?


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