Robin Thicke Finally Addresses Rumors of Cheating with a Younger Woman

Robin Thicke Rumors of Cheating Younger WomanRobin Thicke is mar­ried to one of the hottest women in Hol­ly­wood, Paula Pat­ton, which is why many peo­ple were scratch­ing their heads when he was accused of cheat­ing on his beau­ti­ful wife. The scan­dal started when a photo sur­faced of Thicke appear­ing to be grab­bing a younger woman’s back­side. The scan­dal then exploded when the woman from the pic­ture, Lana Sco­laro, claimed that Thicke not only groped her in the pic­ture, but also made out with her at a party while his wife was just a few feet away.

The celebrity cou­ple didn’t seem to be fazed by the scan­dal, as they were spot­ted a few days later look­ing hap­pier than ever. Thicke is now speak­ing out against about the scandal—he still main­tains that his mar­riage to Pat­ton is per­fectly fine. In fact, Thicke calls their mar­riage “the great­est love of the cen­tury,” although he admits that it’s the “most func­tional, dys­func­tional mar­riage in Hollywood.”

Thicke also addressed the photo, although he didn’t really men­tion Scolaro’s cheat­ing claims. “My only com­ment about the so-called scan­dalous photo would be that my wife and I are per­fectly in love and very hap­pily mar­ried,” said Thicke.

What do you think: Do you believe that Robin Thicke has always been faith­ful to his wife, Paula Patton?


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  • What!

    Maybe they have an open marriage?