Rupert Murdoch Is Leaving His Young Wife

Rupert Murdoch Leaving His Young WifeAfter nearly 15 years of mar­riage and two chil­dren together, 82-year-old Rupert Mur­doch is call­ing it quits with wife num­ber three, 44-year-old Wendi Deng. The bil­lion­aire busi­ness­man filed for divorce last week.

Accord­ing to Murdoch’s lawyers, the rea­son behind the split is that the “rela­tion­ship between hus­band and wife had bro­ken down irre­triev­ably” over the past six months. Still, many are sur­prised by the news. Deng was the first per­son to sup­port her older hus­band through­out the infa­mous phone tap­ping scan­dal in 2011.

Nonethe­less, Mur­doch seems to be doing every­thing he can to make this mar­riage go away as quickly and as qui­etly as pos­si­ble. The cou­ple did have a pre-nuptial agree­ment, among sev­eral other agree­ments, so the divorce pro­ceed­ings and sub­se­quent divi­sion of assets should be fairly clear-cut, and they likely won’t impact the busi­ness at all.

There are obvi­ously many finan­cial perks that come with mar­ry­ing a rich older man, includ­ing a pretty fat cheque when the mar­riage ends. Murdoch’s pre­vi­ous divorce was said to be one of the most costly—his ex-wife walked away with a $1.7 bil­lion set­tle­ment. Even with the prenup, Deng is also expected to receive a sub­stan­tial amount of money.


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