Russell Brand’s New Girlfriend Is 15 Years Younger Than Him

Sugar Daddy Russell Brand’s New Girlfriend Is 15 Years YoungerCome­dian Rus­sell Brand, oth­er­wise known as Katy Perry’s ex-husband, is rumored to have found him­self a new lady—and she’s even younger than 28-year-old Perry. Brand, who just turned 38, has been spot­ted on sev­eral occa­sions with 23-year-old Alessan­dra Bal­azs, the daugh­ter of multi-millionaire hotel owner Andre Bal­azs. Sources say the cou­ple has been secretly dat­ing for a few months now, and they’ve already taken a few trips together.

While you might expect Mr. Bal­azs to be con­cerned about his young daugh­ter dat­ing an older man, he can’t really be one to pass judgment—at 56, he’s dat­ing 38-year-old come­dian Chelsea Han­dler. That means if Brand ends up mar­ry­ing the young heiress, and Mr. Bal­azs and Han­dler wind up at the alter, Brand will be the same age as his mother-in-law.

  • Veron­ica Jayne

    Because she’s totally going to want to pop out babies Rus­sell *sigh* that was sup­pos­edly one of the issues that him and Katy split and now he’s with some­one even LESS likely to want kids any­time soon…tsk tsk

    • Jew­ish Syn­a­gogue Burner

      He split with her because she wanted to party and take drugs and he was in rehab!

      • Veron­ica Jayne

        Hence why I said ONE of the issues. Besides like a star­let the age of his new gf isn’t going to want to party every night she can.

  • Lynda Bowyer

    You open your arti­cle with the line “…Come­dian Rus­sell Brand, oth­er­wise known as Katy Perry’s ex-husband…” Why? If you did your research you will find he was a suc­cess­ful come­dian and actor before he even met her and had already estab­lished him­self. His iden­tity was known before Ms Perry came onto the scene.. Pffft!

  • Dun­can

    So what?