Russell Simmons and Melissa George, 19-Year Age Difference

Sugar Daddy Russell Simmons and Melissa George

Sugar Daddy Russell Simmons and Melissa GeorgeRus­sell Sim­mons, co-founder of Def Jam Record­ings and cre­ator of sev­eral fash­ion and acces­sory lines, is esti­mated to have a net worth of about $340.0 mil­lion. He’s cur­rently the third rich­est name in hip hop and still has money com­ing in with new projects.

Sim­mons has been known to use his celebrity sta­tus and his money to bag beau­ti­ful women, most of whom have been a lot younger than he is. He even mar­ried one of them, Kimora Lee, who was only 23 when she walked down the aisle (he was 41 at the time.)

When their divorce was final­ized in 2009, Sim­mons didn’t wait too long to pounce on another younger woman—this time it was Aus­tralian actress Melissa George. When Sim­mons and George first stepped out in pub­lic together, he was 53 and she was 34. She was also still mar­ried, although she sep­a­rated from her hus­band shortly after Sim­mons came into the picture.

George and Sim­mons con­tin­ued to see each other for about a year, until Sim­mons revealed that they had decided it was time to break up. Despite the 19 years between them, the prob­lem wasn’t the age difference—they ended the rela­tion­ship because nei­ther of them was able to make it work over the long dis­tance. George admit­ted that she hoped they would be able to work things out once her work sched­ule allowed her to move back to the U.S. “We have a big love. It’s some­thing that’s not going to be easy to let go of,” she told an Aus­tralian news­pa­per, adding, “It’s some­thing we need to fig­ure out, but we’re very, very close and good friends. I have two more months of work here and then I’ll be back in New York, so we’ll see…”

As big as their love was, it wasn’t enough to stop George from find­ing some­one else to help ease the pain. A month before say­ing she wanted Sim­mons back, the actress was spot­ted hav­ing a make-out ses­sion with a man at an A-list party, and when asked about what went down, she said, “It was pretty nice and pretty full on. We’ll see about that one.”

George and Sim­mons never did get back together. Instead, she moved on to mil­lion­aire Jean-David Blanc and Sim­mons started dat­ing model Sasha Volkova (26 years younger), fol­lowed by model Hana Nitsche (28 years younger.)


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