Sean Penn, 53, and Charlize Theron, 38, Getting Married? (But Not Everyone’s on Board)

Sean Penn Sugar Daddy And Charlize Theron Getting MarriedIt was only a mat­ter of time before we started hear­ing this—Sean Penn, 53, and Char­l­ize Theron, 38, are report­edly ready for mar­riage. The celebrity cou­ple were first rumored to be dat­ing after ring­ing in the New Year together in Hawaii, and then spot­ted spend­ing the week­end together after return­ing to L.A.

Although Penn or Theron haven’t actu­ally come out and admit­ted that they’re offi­cially together, it’s pretty obvi­ous, given their recent appear­ance together at a char­ity event and the fact that Penn has been spend­ing a lot of qual­ity time with Theron’s two-year-old adopted son, Jackson.

Despite only being together for a cou­ple of months, not to men­tion their 15-year age dif­fer­ence, the celebrity cou­ple is said to be talk­ing about mak­ing their May-December rela­tion­ship offi­cial. “[Theron] has never wanted to get mar­ried, but see­ing how Sean inter­acts with Jack­son, she is hav­ing a change of heart,” an insider told Radar Online. Penn, who already has two failed mar­riages under his belt, is report­edly “head over heels in love” with his new younger woman and her son because they have given him a new lease on life.

Accord­ing to the source, the news that this celebrity cou­ple is ready for mar­riage shouldn’t come as much of a sur­prise, given their his­tory. “They’ve known each other for over a decade, and have always been friends,” said the source. “So it shouldn’t be a sur­prise to any­one that things are get­ting seri­ous so fast.” Penn and Theron are already report­edly liv­ing together.

Mean­while, another source is claim­ing that Theron’s mother is com­pletely against the celebrity cou­ple tying the knot because it would be a “dis­as­ter.” She’s sup­pos­edly hop­ing that they change their mind about mar­riage before it’s too late.

What do you think: Would you con­sider mar­ry­ing an older man after only dat­ing for a cou­ple of months?


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