Selena Gomez Confesses Her Crush on a Famous Older Man

Selena Gomez Con­fesses Her Crush on a Famous Older Man — See more at: Baby Selena Gomez Confesses Her Crush on a Famous Older Man

Sugar Baby Selena Gomez Confesses Her Crush on a Famous Older ManSelena Gomez is prob­a­bly just as famous for dat­ing Justin Bieber as she is for her suc­cess­ful music and act­ing career. After dat­ing for almost two years, the celebrity cou­ple finally decided to break up in Jan­u­ary 2013. Many reports spec­u­lated that 21-year-old Gomez was fed up with 19-year-old Bieber’s reck­less and imma­ture behav­ior. It looks like she may have learned a thing or two about dat­ing a man—or should we say a boy—who’s younger than her, because she’s got her eye on some­one sig­nif­i­cantly older now.

When recently asked who her lat­est celebrity crush is, Gomez revealed that she has her heart set on a much older man—George Clooney, who is 31 years older than she is. She admit­ted that it used to be 21-year-old actor Logan Ler­man, but she’s since moved on to Clooney, who hap­pens to be sin­gle since he split from his younger, long-term girl­friend, Stacy Keibler.

While it might be a lit­tle far-fetched to think of Clooney and Gomez as the next hottest celebrity cou­ple, it isn’t hard to believe that after spend­ing two years with Bieber, Gomez sees the advan­tages of dat­ing an older man.

What do you think: Should Selena Gomez date an older man? Who do you think she would make a good cou­ple with?


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  • Sd David Montrose

    She would look real good with Michael Dou­glas!
    David Montrose

  • Tommy Dis­Cool

    Billy Ray Cyrus

  • Lee John­son

    As an older man I give dat­ing a younger woman two thumbs up. I have dated a girl that was that much younger than me and ended up mar­ried to her. (she got preg­nant) So I wanted to do the right thing. She was so tal­ented that I had no fear there would ever be an issue with child sup­port. I think we might still be mar­ried to day if a job didn’t pull her away. I refused to fol­low her know­ing that would end our mar­riage. She meet a man much closer to her own age and found the ben­e­fits of youth. I could not keep up with her phys­i­cally. She brings our boy over twice a year and he spends a week with me dur­ing Xmas and one week dur­ing sum­mer break. many times I can tell he wishes that his mother and I would have stayed together. but I have been told that is normal.