She’s Pregnant Already!—Amber Heard, 27, and Johnny Depp, 50, Expecting?

Sugar Baby Amber Heard Pregnant with Sugar Daddy Johnny DeppHe already has two kids with his ex, Vanessa Par­adis, but is Johnny Depp about to become a father again? Reports have been swirling for a few weeks now that the 50-year-old actor and his much younger fiancée, 27-year-old Amber Heard, have a baby on the way. Johnny Depp denied the rumors, say­ing, “No, no truth to that. [It’s] not a shot­gun affair.”

But Amber Heard’s ex-boyfriend, Mark Wys­trach, is claim­ing that it’s no rumor—he says the celebrity cou­ple really is expect­ing their first child together. “She’s preg­nant already! I saw her three weeks ago,” he told In Touch. “Amber and I dated years ago, but we are still close.”

There’s still no word from Johnny Depp or Amber Heard on these lat­est baby claims, but we have a feel­ing it’s all just gos­sip. Besides, if any­one would know it would be Depp (we hope), and he said him­self that it’s not true—unless, of course, she just hasn’t told him yet.

In any case, Depp has made it pretty clear that he wouldn’t nec­es­sar­ily be opposed to hav­ing kids with his young wife-to-be. “I love kids. I have two, and they’re per­fect. Man, I’d make 100. But I’ve got the easy gig, right?” he said dur­ing his appear­ance on Extra TV.

He’s also admit­ted that he’s hap­pier than ever with Amber Heard, refer­ring to his young fiancée as a “won­der­ful girl” who’s “sharp as a tack,” adding that she’s “sweet as can be” and good for him.

What do you think: Johnny Depp is 50—is that too old to have more kids?


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