Shocking Stats About the Sex Life of Millionaire Men Over 45 (Great News For Women!)

Shocking Stats About the Sex Life of MillionaireDat­ing a man with money is nice, but imag­ine dat­ing a man with money and who was good in bed. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, doesn’t it? That’s why so many younger women are turn­ing to rich older men, whether it’s for a casual sugar daddy/sugar baby rela­tion­ship or for a more seri­ous long-term com­mit­ment. And now there’s proof that these younger women really are on to something.

A match­mak­ing web site designed to pair mil­lion­aire men with beau­ti­ful women recently con­ducted a sur­vey to find out how rich older men fare against younger mil­lion­aires when it comes to their sex life. It turns out that if you’re look­ing for a man with money, but don’t want to com­pro­mise on the sex, older is almost always better.

Accord­ing to the sur­vey, mil­lion­aire men over the age of 45 are enjoy­ing a very active sex life—79% of them said that in a span of a week, they’re hav­ing sex at least four times. Only about a quar­ter of the younger mil­lion­aires reported hav­ing this much sex.

It makes sense if you think about it. Younger men are too pre­oc­cu­pied with work to worry about their sex life; they’re busy try­ing to make their mil­lions and “build their empire.” Mean­while, the older men have already made their money and now’s the time they’re able to sit back and really enjoy life, which means they have more time for a reg­u­lar romp in the sack. And it doesn’t hurt that they’ve prob­a­bly had years of expe­ri­ence, which means they’ve mas­tered their technique.

So, there you have it ladies, proof that if you’re look­ing for a sugar daddy with the whole pack­age, it’s always bet­ter to find your­self an older man.

What do you think: How impor­tant is it to you that your man is a great lover?

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