Should I Get My New Sugar Daddy a Christmas Gift?

QUESTION: With the hol­i­days around the cor­ner, I’m left won­der­ing whether I should give my sugar daddy a Christ­mas gift. We haven’t been in a rela­tion­ship for a long time (about two months). Do I get him some­thing? If yes, what? I real­ize that I could plan a lit­tle some­thing spe­cial, but not hav­ing been together long, every­thing is still spe­cial. Help!

CHELSEA SAYS: This is always a tough ques­tion with sugar daddy rela­tion­ships, espe­cially when they’re new. I per­son­ally think you should get him a gift, even if it’s just some­thing small. Even though it’s a sugar daddy rela­tion­ship, it’s still an inti­mate rela­tion­ship. A gift shows him that you see him as more than a money-making machine and it’s just a nice sentiment.

Plan­ning some­thing spe­cial is a good idea. Yes, you’re still in the hon­ey­moon phase where every­thing is new and excit­ing, but tap into the dynam­ics of your rela­tion­ship with him. Is your sugar daddy adven­tur­ous in bed? If so, try sur­pris­ing him with a new role-playing cos­tume or a toy. Is he a foodie? Arrange a home-cooked meal for him, com­plete with his sugar baby for dessert.

If you’re look­ing to give your sugar daddy a more tra­di­tional Christ­mas gift, like some­thing he could put under his tree, I think the trick is to find some­thing that’s both sen­ti­men­tal and casual. Since the rela­tion­ship is still new, you don’t want to give him a gift that’s too per­sonal, like under­wear. But you also want it to mean some­thing, so a box of choco­late won’t exactly cut it either.

Think about what your sugar daddy is inter­ested in. Does he talk a lot about sports? Maybe get him tick­ets to see his favorite team play. Do you know what type of music he likes? You could get him a CD, or bet­ter yet, make your own. Does he like to cook? Get him a cook­book and write your own per­sonal, hand­writ­ten mes­sage inside, or make notes on the recipes you’d like to try mak­ing together.

These are small gifts, but they show your sugar daddy that you know him a lit­tle bet­ter than a neigh­bor or co-worker would. They show that you lis­ten to him, you take an inter­est in what he has to say, and you’re invested in your rela­tion­ship with him.

TRENT SAYS: The famous sugar baby Christ­mas conundrum—to give or not to give? There is one cer­tainty about being a sugar baby at Christ­mas: no mat­ter how long you’ve been with your sugar daddy, be it a day or a decade, you deserve to get loot, and lots of it.

As for whether you should get him some­thing, I think it’s a resound­ing yes! After all, Christ­mas is a time for giv­ing and receiv­ing. And even sugar dad­dies like to get the odd gift.

For­tu­nately, the hol­i­day sea­son lasts for more than just one day, so it’s totally under­stand­able if you won’t be able to find time to see each other as often as you’d like. The impor­tant thing is, you even­tu­ally will. And you’ll make the most of it, I imagine.

As for what to get him, unfor­tu­nately there is no one-size-fits-all sugar daddy Christ­mas guide. Now, I could ask you if you’ve been tak­ing men­tal notes over the last few months about his likes and dis­likes, inter­ests, hob­bies, and all that. Does he like wine or cig­ars? Is he into music, books, or movies? You can cer­tainly buy him some­thing. Whether you do or not, I rec­om­mend you use your per­sonal touch; be creative.

I’m will­ing to bet what he really wants for Christ­mas is to spend time with you. With that in mind, you could put on lin­gerie and give him a card you made filled with coupons he can redeem for any num­ber of things: a night out, a night in, roman­tic bub­ble bath, favorite Kama Sutra position(s), stuff like that. Speak­ing of which, you could also wrap up a dif­fer­ent piece of lin­gerie for each of the 12 days of Christ­mas, and enjoy those days at your leisure.

You could arrange a Christ­mas trea­sure hunt in your hotel room or home, depend­ing on the cir­cum­stances. Give him a clue that sends him to his first gift, which will then have addi­tional clues. Maybe he finds a bot­tle of wine, straw­ber­ries, whipped cream, choco­late sauce, can­dles, and, finally, a piece of lin­gerie. At the end, he finds you. The joys of Christ­mas are end­less, really.

  • VH

    My SD receives expen­sive gifts from clients and his fam­ily, I knew that fis­cally I couldn’t buy him some­thing that was of qual­ity that he was accus­tomed to. So as Christ­mas approached I was ter­ri­fied about buy­ing his gift… then, it dawned on me. Why do I need to buy a gift? I could make some­thing that is far more per­sonal and shows how much I adore him.

    A few months age we were talk­ing about child­hood mem­o­ries of Christ­mas. He men­tioned how he would help his grand­mother bake. He talked about an Anise cookie that is a tra­di­tional Christ­mas cookie in Spain (where he grew up) and how much he loved them. I searched for a recipe, started bak­ing, and filled a cookie tin with them.

    When he ate the first one his eyes teared up. I knew that was the per­fect gift. In his world, every day is suit and tie, full of gagets, ring­ing phones and talks of money. Those cook­ies were bridge to a time in his life that was much more sim­ple and full of love.

    • Quix­ane

      Fis­cally??? LOL. That is the a com­pletely incor­rect word used to define the fact hat you had no cash.
      Fis­cally is YEARLY… the word you wanted was finan­cially. Gonna have a
      SD? Learn the lingo.

  • Quix­ane

    Fis­cally??? LOL. Glad you changed the lead in to this ques­tion. As It was a com­pletely incor­rect word used to define that she had no cash. Fis­cally is YEARLY… the word she wanted was finan­cially. Gonna have a SD? Learn the lingo.

    • Rudy Bar­ron

      I looked up the word online and I think VH has a bet­ter under­stand­ing of the word than you. Also I could find no men­tion of fis­cal being syn­ony­mous with yearly.
      2. of or per­tain­ing to finan­cial mat­ters in general.

      • Quix­ane

        You know… you are cor­rect on the def­i­n­i­tion of fis­cally. My apolo­gies. BUT… she should have used financially. ;)