Should Women Be Shelling Out More Money on Dates? The Numbers Tell All recently did a dat­ing poll ask­ing read­ers what they think is the best way to han­dle a din­ner check on the first date—should he pay, should she pay, or should the bill be split evenly? Inter­est­ingly, the major­ity of vot­ers, nearly 79%, said that she should pay for the first date, and only about 16% believed that the man should pick up the tab on a first date. It makes sense—even sugar babies today are inde­pen­dent women for the most part and if they pay for the first date, they know that they’re not oblig­ated to take the rela­tion­ship any further.

It turns out that a lot of men agree that women need to start invest­ing more money in the dat­ing game. A recent sur­vey asked over 17,000 Amer­i­cans about who forks out the money when dat­ing. Although 84% of men said they usu­ally cover most of the dat­ing expenses, almost two-thirds of them admit­ted that they think women should be pay­ing more often—44% of the men even said that they would con­sider end­ing the rela­tion­ship if the woman they were dat­ing never paid for anything.

Sugar daddy rela­tion­ships are always a lit­tle dif­fer­ent than tra­di­tional rela­tion­ships, since money plays a much larger role. We get that the whole point of hav­ing a sugar daddy is so that he can spend his money on you, but that doesn’t mean you want him to feel like you’re just using him for his deep pock­ets. Even if he’s traditional—in the sense that he won’t let you pick up a din­ner check—surprise him with a lit­tle some­thing every now and then, like bring­ing home his favorite dessert or buy­ing him a shirt that you thought would look good on him. The idea is to show your sugar daddy that you’re will­ing to spend money on him, even though he’s the one that usu­ally spoils you. Even if he’s got mil­lions in the bank, it’s always nice to feel appreciated.

What do you think: Should women be spend­ing more money on dates?

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