Sienna Miller Opens Up About How Her Affair with Daniel Craig Ruined Her Life

Sienna Miller Opens Up Affair with Sugar Daddy Daniel CraigSienna Miller and Jude Law had a tumul­tuous rela­tion­ship, to say the least. After Law had an affair with their nanny, Miller was caught hav­ing an alleged affair with her older Layer Cake co-star, Daniel Craig. Need­less to say, the celebrity couple’s rela­tion­ship ended shortly after news of Miller’s affair sur­faced, but that didn’t stop her from doing it again. In 2008, Miller was embroiled in another high-profile scan­dal after she was caught hav­ing another affair with actor Balt­hazar Getty, who was mar­ried with four kids.

After the scan­dal with Getty, Miller sort of fell off the radar for a while, but she’s now been try­ing to make her big come­back. In an effort to show that she’s since grown up and has learned from her mis­takes, the actress recently opened up about her inap­pro­pri­ate actions and how they even­tu­ally led to the demise of her career.

I was really naïve, I think,” Miller told Esquire mag­a­zine. “Not green as grass—I was by no means as innocent—but I had faith in the good­ness of every­one. I was very open, and that led me into all sorts of sit­u­a­tions that back­fired.” The actress goes on to say that although she was always on her best behav­ior at work, it was off-set that she got out of hand. “I sab­o­taged things. I burnt a lot of bridges.”

Miller admit­ted that her career started to take a seri­ous hit because “peo­ple don’t want to see films with peo­ple they don’t approve of in them.” So, she delib­er­ately took her­self out of the spot­light. “I felt like I had no con­trol over any aspect of my life, pro­fes­sion­ally or per­son­ally,” she said, adding, “I was sick of myself, to be hon­est, or sick of that per­cep­tion of me. It all felt so f**king dirty.”

The actress has since put her high-profile affairs behind her and has moved on with actor Tom Stur­ridge, who’s actu­ally four years younger than her. The celebrity cou­ple wel­comed their first child in 2012 and being a mother is really what put Miller back on track. “I feel really set­tled. I have a won­der­ful life,” admits Miller. “That gives you incred­i­ble per­spec­tive. It’s such a gift. And it’s ground­ing in a way you can’t describe.”

What do you think: Would you date some­one know­ing that they’ve had two affairs in the past?


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