Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman,18-Year Age Difference

Simon Cowell’s Pregnant Mistress

Sugar Daddy Simon Cowell and Lauren SilvermanSimon Cow­ell is a man of many words, and a lot of them aren’t very nice ones. Cow­ell rose to celebrity sta­tus in the U.S. after join­ing the judg­ing panel for the debut sea­son of the com­pet­i­tive singing series Amer­i­can Idol—he quickly solid­i­fied his rep­u­ta­tion as being the most harsh, blunt, and overly crit­i­cal of the three judges.

Three years after the first episode of Amer­i­can Idol aired, Cow­ell cre­ated a sim­i­lar series called The X Fac­tor, a British real­ity show that launched the career of the boy band One Direc­tion. The U.S. ver­sion of The X Fac­tor was launched in 2011, a year after retir­ing his judge’s seat on Amer­i­can Idol. Cow­ell is also the exec­u­tive pro­ducer for the real­ity tal­ent show America’s Got Tal­ent—although he doesn’t lend his judg­ing exper­tise to this show, he does still sit as a judge for its sis­ter series, Britain’s Got Tal­ent.

Whether it’s his straight-talking per­son­al­ity or the British accent, Cow­ell, now 54, has man­aged to score with a bar­rage of hot women, many of whom have been a lot younger. But what’s dif­fer­ent about this celebrity is that he doesn’t just date them and ditch them—he’s known for actu­ally main­tain­ing long-term friend­ships with a lot of his ex-girlfriends. In fact, he’s been pho­tographed par­ty­ing on yachts and at fash­ion shows with some of his old flames, and a lot of times, the group will include more than a cou­ple women he’s dated in the past.

While some might con­sider being friends with an ex-girlfriend to be respectable, it sort of came back to bite Cow­ell in the back­side. In July 2013, it was revealed that one of the women who spent time on his party boat, 36-year-old Lau­ren Sil­ver­man, was preg­nant with Cowell’s baby. There was just one big problem—Silverman was still mar­ried to one of Cowell’s good friends, Andrew Sil­ver­man, who also fre­quented Cowell’s yacht par­ties. In other words, Cow­ell knocked up his best friend’s wife.

After the baby news was revealed, Silverman’s hus­band of seven years filed for a divorce, cit­ing adul­tery and even list­ing Cowell’s name as a co-respondent in the papers, Although it was spec­u­lated that the Sil­ver­mans had been hav­ing mar­riage trou­ble for a while, a source close to one of Cowell’s friendly ex-girlfriends, Car­men Elec­tra, revealed that she had bro­ken up with him because she had caught him hav­ing an affair with Silverman—this was back in Decem­ber 2012.

Silverman’s divorce was final­ized shortly after, leav­ing her and Cow­ell to get together, offi­cially at least. Cow­ell has since stepped up to the plate and taken respon­si­bil­ity for get­ting her preg­nant, even though he had made it pretty clear in the past that he had no time for kids. Nonethe­less, Cow­ell has sup­ported his new younger woman through her divorce, even drop­ping big money on an apart­ment for her and her son in New York City.

The celebrity cou­ple still looks very happy together, despite the scan­dal that sparked their rela­tion­ship, not to men­tion their 18-year age dif­fer­ence. And the upcom­ing birth of his first child has since shifted Cowell’s atti­tudes about becom­ing a father. “I’m proud to be a dad,” he told BBC. “It’s some­thing I hadn’t thought of before, but now I know I feel good about it.”


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