Simon Cowell Finally Reveals His Feelings About Getting His Young Mistress Pregnant

Simon Cow­ell has done a pretty good job of stay­ing silent about his baby scandal—he got a younger woman, Lau­ren Sil­ver­man, preg­nant while she was still mar­ried to his best friend. But now that Silverman’s divorce has been final­ized, Cow­ell is open­ing up about set­tling down and becom­ing a father for the first time—and he seems to have no regrets about the affair. “I’m proud to be a dad,” he told BBC. “It’s some­thing I hadn’t thought of before, but now I know I feel good about it.”

Cow­ell also said that his life was now chang­ing, but “for the bet­ter,” and that his young baby mama is a “very spe­cial girl.” The two have yet to con­firm whether or not they’re an offi­cial cou­ple now, but accord­ing to one source, they’re going ahead with mak­ing their rela­tion­ship offi­cial because Cow­ell is plan­ning to for­mally intro­duce his preg­nant mis­tress to his mother. “He wants her approval, and for Lau­ren and [his mother] to become close. It means every­thing to him that the two most impor­tant women in his life form a good bond,” the insider told Closer mag­a­zine. They also sug­gested that Cow­ell is con­sid­er­ing mar­riage, since he obvi­ously still has feel­ings for Sil­ver­man and because it’s what his mother would want.

Cow­ell has report­edly bought his mis­tress a man­sion in Bev­erly Hills and is cov­er­ing her rent for a New York apart­ment. He’s obvi­ously doing every­thing he can now to take respon­si­bil­ity for Sil­ver­man and their ille­git­i­mate child.

What do you think: Should Simon Cow­ell marry Lau­ren Sil­ver­man for the sake of their child?


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