Simon Cowell’s Advice for Older Dads

Hav­ing kids when you’re over 50 arguably comes with its fair share of chal­lenges, espe­cially when you’re becom­ing a father for the first time. At 53, Simon Cow­ell has never had kids but is now expect­ing his first child, a son, with 36-year-old Lau­ren Sil­ver­man. The preg­nancy was quite the scandal—Cowell knocked up his best friend’s wife—and Cow­ell was report­edly blind­sided by the news that he was going to be a first-time dad.

The scan­dal has since blown over—Silverman’s divorce is almost finalized—and Cow­ell has made it clear that he’s going to sup­port Sil­ver­man and their child. Cow­ell has admit­ted that he never thought about hav­ing kids so late, but now that it’s hap­pen­ing, he couldn’t be more excited. That being said, he still has to acknowl­edge the fact that he’ll be in his mid-50s and rais­ing an over­ac­tive tod­dler. But he’s not wor­ried. In fact, he’s got some words of wis­dom for other older dads. When asked if he’s wor­ried about hav­ing kids so much later in life, Cow­ell said, “You can be cool as you get older if you’re (a) suc­cess­ful and (b) you can relate to younger peo­ple with­out act­ing like an idiot.” He also added a word of cau­tion: “But don’t dye your hair.”

As cool as he might be, there are a cou­ple things this older dad won’t do, like change dirty dia­pers: “I’m not doing that, 100 per cent absolutely not going near that,” he said. Cow­ell also recently revealed that, when it comes to money, his kid isn’t going to have it any eas­ier, because he won’t be inher­it­ing any of his famous father’s for­tune. “I’m going to leave my money to a char­ity probably—kids and dogs,” Cow­ell told Esquire mag­a­zine. “I don’t believe in pass­ing it on from one gen­er­a­tion to another. Your legacy has to be that hope­fully you gave enough peo­ple an oppor­tu­nity so that they could do well and you gave them your time, taught them what you know.”

What do you think: Will Simon Cow­ell make a good dad?


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