Sophie M’s Bio

SophieMIt started as a search on Google. I had put the kids to bed and was catch­ing up on read­ing the news on the Net. I was lonely; my hus­band was out again, just like every other night. I knew he would be back late. The house was clean, dishes washed, kids in bed, and I was all on my own with time on my hands. I should have gone to sleep; the kids made me tired run­ning after them all day, but I could not sleep. I was think­ing of where my hus­band was.

I called him—the usual response: “Will be home soon.” “Soon” would turn into hours, and I would be left to busy myself. Then I came upon a sugar daddy dat­ing web­site. I checked it out and decided to set up an account—what the heck, it was just for fun. I would only be chat­ting anyway.

The fol­low­ing day I fol­lowed the same rou­tine: the kids asleep, hus­band was out, and I sat and opened my lap­top. Opened my e-mail, nor­mal every­day stuff—and then I noticed I had responses from the dat­ing web­site. Just as I began delet­ing them, one of the mes­sages caught my eye: “I would love to get together for a cof­fee, but I am trav­el­ing for a month and won’t be back, so let’s cor­re­spond by e-mail?” I could live with that—I was lonely and bored, so chitchat would be fine. I responded and waited to see what would happen…