Sugar Baby Exposes the Truth About Her Married Sugar Daddy

Get­ting an edu­ca­tion doesn’t come cheap these days, and with tuition fees con­stantly ris­ing, more and more stu­dents are turn­ing to a sugar daddy to help cover the costs. In fact, one pop­u­lar sugar daddy dat­ing site saw a 53% increase in the num­ber of col­lege stu­dents sign­ing up in 2013 alone.

Although sugar daddy dat­ing is quickly gain­ing momen­tum, a lot of peo­ple still ques­tion whether it’s really the right path for a young woman in school. To help set the record straight, one young woman from the Uni­ver­sity of West­min­ster has opened up about her deci­sion to become a sugar baby and what her rela­tion­ship is really like with not one, but two sugar daddies.

Although one of her sugar dad­dies has a wife and two kids at home, he still man­ages to treat her to exotic hol­i­days and overnight stays at lux­u­ri­ous five-star hotels. “We’ve gone to St. Tropez, Cabo, Sin­ga­pore, and New York together,” said the sugar baby, who calls her­self Nicole. “He has a house in New York sep­a­rate from the one he has with his wife.”

Nicole says she and her sugar daddy just enjoy each other’s com­pany and try to keep things light­hearted. “He hates nag­ging since he gets lots of that when he’s home. We like to have fun and try adven­tur­ous things when we’re together.” She didn’t spec­ify whether or not she has been or plans to be sex­ual with either of her sugar daddies.

So, how does being a sugar baby impact your stu­dent role? It doesn’t, accord­ing to Nicole, who actu­ally dis­cov­ered the world of sugar daddy dat­ing through one of her class­mates. “My sugar daddy wants me to do well, so if I have to study or any­thing, then he gives me space,” said Nicole.

Believe it or not, the pro­fes­sional sugar baby says her mom and friends know all about the arrangements—her friends have even met one of her financiers. Nicole also admit­ted that she plans on con­tin­u­ing her rela­tion­ship with at least one of the sugar dad­dies after she grad­u­ates. “I would have a hard time going back to my old life.”

What do you think: Would you date a sugar daddy to help pay the bills?


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