Sugar Daddy Johnny Depp Spends Another $50,000 on His Younger Girlfriend, Amber Heard

Sugar Daddy Johnny Depp And Girlfriend Amber HeardJohnny Depp may have been cel­e­brat­ing a recent birthday—the actor turned 50 on June 9—but he’s still the one that has been dish­ing out big money to treat his young girl­friend, 27-year-old Amber Heard.

Depp is cur­rently in New Mex­ico film­ing his upcom­ing movie Tran­scen­dence, and has decided to bring Heard with him. But rather than stay at the hotel where the rest of the cast and crew are, Depp dropped over $50,000 to rent out a pri­vate lux­ury ranch. The celebrity cou­ple will be stay­ing at the fancy digs—which is said to be fairly secluded—for the dura­tion of Depp’s eight-week shoot.

This is what makes Depp such a desir­able sugar daddy: the fact that he’s will­ing to do what­ever it takes—and spend what­ever it takes—to keep his sugar baby happy. This isn’t the first time he’s spent big money on Heard. Depp has also report­edly bought her a ranch in Nashville, along with a cou­ple of horses.

What do you think of this celebrity cou­ple: Is Heard just using Depp for his fame and for­tune, or is Depp mak­ing a smart invest­ment in his roman­tic future with Heard?

  • Voneta Kirschman

    she’s adorable with him and she’s not using him for any­thing but love sweet love! She’d be a fool not to love him! she’s got her own fame and for­tune goin’ on and if the half ass idiots from NBC had been smart at all they wouldn’t have can­celed THE PLAYBOY CLUB (after 2 episodes) that she starred in. It was awesome.

  • but­ters

    What about Johnny’s ex wife and kids? Where are THEY?

  • JosieThe­Girl

    …I feel like desir­ing seclu­sion and not striv­ing to appear overly social 24/7 actu­ally seems pretty typ­i­cal of Johnny depp… girl­friend or no.

  • Lucy

    Johnny Depp is a “gen­tle­man” through and through.    He is an amaz­ing, sen­si­tive man and has been one of the only “super stars” that  can boast friends with his ex’s.  Very rare in “Super Star Land”.  Why does the new 50 become the new 40 only apply to woman?  He’s amaz­ing for 50 and puts his chil­dren first and is more than enti­tled to hap­pi­ness.  I am proud to always say we were both born on June 9th, although myself 8 years ear­lier than him.  Lis­ten to any inter­view (with very few words) of him.  He’s class from head to toe and back again!!!!!    
    I think it was Benny & Joon that I fell in love with that soul­ful per­son.  I think his break-up has affected him dearly and I think like many stars he deserves peace and pri­vacy and the utmost respect.

  • Vivian Oberon

    Hon­estly men make me sick. If it all pos­si­ble, as soon as they hit mid­dle age they dump their spouse and look for a child. A hot body really is all they care about. There are notable excep­tions like Paul Newman.

    • Libralee

      Paul New­man once said that the rea­son he stayed mar­ried so long is because one lived on one coast and the other lived on the other coast.

  • Jinxy

    Looks like the rela­tion­ship is pretty mutual to me. Like any cou­ple, they are happy because they are both get­ting what they want. Maybe it will last, maybe it won’t, but that’s their busi­ness. He’s a grown man who’s earned his money. He can spend it any way he likes. If a smil­ing young girl­friend is worth it to him, so be it.

  • Micky

    This so easy to read. Amber is not in love with Johnny Depp the per­son, she is in love with his wal­let and what he can do for her d-list career. Lets face it, the girl could not act her way out of a paper bag! No one had hardly even heard of her before she started her affair with Depp. This affair has put her on the map and made her a house­hold name. There is NO WAY that would have hap­pened with out being Johnny’s new arm candy. The way she helped to destroy a fam­ily, with two young chil­dren involved, says a lot about her char­ac­ter. She is an oppor­tunist and a user. I have zero respect for this girl. Johnny is an idiot to dump his beau­ti­ful love of 14 years for this girl who is young enough to be his own daugh­ter! I am very dis­ap­pointed in Johnny Depp.