My Cheating Sugar Daddy Thought His Money Would Keep Me Faithful to Him, So I Did This to Prove Him Wrong: Part 1

One day, I got a ran­dom e-mail from Victor—the friend I had met online and kept in con­tact with—saying he’d lost his phone at the bot­tom of a pool and wanted to talk, and to e-mail him my num­ber so he could call. “There’s that boy­ish imma­tu­rity creep­ing up again,” I thought to myself. I e-mailed him my num­ber and we started talk­ing. He wanted to meet for drinks, but I was very tired of the bar scene, since I worked at a bar in a strip club. My older sugar daddy, Marco, was sched­uled to travel mid­week again to Austin, so I invited Vic­tor to come over then.

About an hour after we made plans to meet that fol­low­ing Wednes­day, I got a ran­dom text from Vic­tor, read­ing, “I think you are amaz­ingly beau­ti­ful and I want you.”

We had never had that kind of rela­tion­ship, so his com­ment totally threw me off. I fig­ured it was a mis­take, so I shrugged it off. “You texted the wrong per­son, goof,” I replied.

Much to my sur­prise, Vic­tor responded pretty quickly with, “No, I didn’t.” I didn’t know what to say; here’s this guy who I’ve only met in per­son once before, com­ing on to me and mak­ing me feel wanted, excit­ing my senses and intrigu­ing my mind.

We texted each other non-stop for the next two days, and we talked about vir­tu­ally every­thing. Vic­tor didn’t care about my sit­u­a­tion with Marco or where it stood, and I hon­estly didn’t care if he was clumsy or a bit immature—the atten­tion he gave me was actu­ally refresh­ing. Wednes­day couldn’t come fast enough, so when it finally did, I wanted to be prepared.

Was I really about to cheat on my sugar daddy, and in his house? No, I didn’t think I could do it. But if I did, I bet that would surely solid­ify the end of this rela­tion­ship, some­thing I had been try­ing to do for a while. After all, Marco had Karen in Toronto, whom he reg­u­larly cheated on me with, but because he pro­vided so much for me, I just accepted it as fact. So, why not have a lit­tle fun myself? Lit­tle did I know how quickly it would blow up in my face…