My Cheating Sugar Daddy Thought His Money Would Keep Me Faithful to Him, So I Did This to Prove Him Wrong: Part 2

Vic­tor showed up 20 min­utes early; I was still in the shower when he rang the door­bell. With­out think­ing, I grabbed my towel and ran down the steps drip­ping wet. Thank­fully, the towel was over­sized so I was fully cov­ered, but Victor’s jaw still dropped. I invited him inside and headed back up the steps to get dressed. He didn’t hear me telling him to wait in the liv­ing room and fol­lowed me up the steps instead, watch­ing my every move.

I quickly got dressed in a sum­mery skirt and tank in the spare bed­room, while Vic­tor waited nearby in the com­puter room. He was vis­i­bly aroused, much larger than Marco, and clearly sali­vat­ing at the thought of hav­ing sex with me. He imme­di­ately stood up and grabbed me by the waist when I entered the room, kissed me pas­sion­ately. He picked me up with­out skip­ping a beat. Vic­tor sat me on the com­puter table and from that point on, it was one of the most amaz­ing sex­ual encoun­ters of my life.

There was this hand­some man, closer to my age, and absolutely noth­ing like any of the men I had ever dated tit­il­lat­ing my senses, mak­ing me feel things I’ve never expe­ri­enced before and have never felt since. The excite­ment, affec­tion, inten­sity, and com­plete lack of regard for my rela­tion­ship with Marco allowed me to be utterly unin­hib­ited, free to enjoy and expe­ri­ence every­thing Vic­tor had to offer. We spent hours mak­ing love all over the house, except in Marco’s actual bed.

After Vic­tor left, I real­ized exactly what I had just done—aside from the obvi­ous. I had finally “let go of the cliff” and it was time to fig­ure out if I could “land on my feet.” From then on, my rela­tion­ship with Marco was more trans­ac­tional, like a men­tor. He didn’t really seem to notice, and as it turned out, he had started another rela­tion­ship with a third woman nearby named Michelle. He kept her a secret for a while, but left his e-mails open from time to time on my laptop—that’s how I dis­cov­ered her. He had dis­cussed our rela­tion­ship with her, as though I was his child, but then admit­ted to hav­ing sex with me as often as he could, because it was excit­ing for him and he knew that our time was run­ning out. Michelle, hav­ing raised a teenage daugh­ter, actu­ally sounded like she was giv­ing my older lover par­ent­ing advice.

Despite know­ing all this, there was just some­thing about being with Marco that felt so com­fort­ing and safe, but I couldn’t quite put my fin­ger on what it was exactly. The only thing that kept com­ing to mind was the hurt­ful “daddy issues” com­ments that I had heard over the past year, but at the time, it meant noth­ing to me—I hadn’t put two and two together. It would be years to come before I finally con­nected the dots.