Super-Rich Sugar Daddy, David Copperfield, Reveals Secret Fiancée Who’s Half His Age

Sugar Daddy David Copperfield Secret FiancéeDavid Cop­per­field, 57, seems to have worked his magic on one very lucky woman. The famed illu­sion­ist popped the ques­tion to his much younger girl­friend, 28-year-old French model Chloe Gos­selin. The celebrity cou­ple, who has con­firmed that they are now offi­cially engaged, first met six years ago and already have one three-year-old daugh­ter together.

Cop­per­field, who spent six years in a May-December rela­tion­ship with super­model Clau­dia Schif­fer in the 90s, revealed his new rela­tion­ship sta­tus to HELLO! mag­a­zine, and paid no atten­tion to the fact that their age dif­fer­ence makes him twice her age. “Now I’m engaged and in a com­mit­ted rela­tion­ship with Chloe in my mind and my heart,” said Copperfield.

His young fiancée seems to be just as indif­fer­ent to their 29-year age dif­fer­ence. “I’m so lucky to have found David,” she said. “There are very few peo­ple in the world like him. He’s spent more than 30 years at the top of his pro­fes­sion. He’s achieved some extra­or­di­nary things.” Extra­or­di­nary, indeed—her famous soon-to-be hus­band is esti­mated to be worth a whop­ping $800 mil­lion, so there’s no doubt that their life will be one of lux­ury. The celebrity cou­ple is already split­ting their time between Las Vegas, where Cop­per­field reg­u­larly per­forms; New York; and the Bahamas, where the magi­cian owns 11 lux­u­ri­ous islands known as Cop­per­field Bay.

What do you think: Would you marry some­one who was twice your age?


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