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The One Thing That Could Make You the Best He’s Ever Had in Bed

If you’re dat­ing an older man, chances are that you’ve been asked more than once about your sex life—is it as good as it is with a younger man? Can he keep up? If you’ve just started see­ing your sugar daddy and things have pro­gressed to the bed­room, it usu­ally goes one of two ways: his expe­ri­ence will pay off, or it won’t quite match up. If sex with your older man just […]

How an Expensive Gift Made Me Feel Better About Settling For a Much Older Man: Part 1

Kevin Federline And Sons

I arrived in the Greek God’s hotel room, finally alone. We were sup­posed to be on a roman­tic get­away, but I had just spent the car ride from the air­port to the hotel in a limo full of busi­ness­men. I missed my older man, the Stet­son man, at home; he had no idea what I was doing—he thought I was vis­it­ing my best friend Tori. I dialed the Stet­son man’s num­ber. When […]

The Surprise Escorts My Sugar Daddy Brought Along For Our Secret Weekend Getaway: Part 2

The Greek God seemed very com­fort­able with this lim­ou­sine full of men and me. He made brief intro­duc­tions, first names only, and went right into full busi­ness meet­ing mode. I sat qui­etly, lis­ten­ing for any­thing that might pro­vide insight to this man. Truth­fully, I was just start­ing to sober up, so noth­ing really stuck with me. I could not fig­ure out why he would come to the air­port to retrieve me with […]

The Surprise Escorts My Sugar Daddy Brought Along For Our Secret Weekend Getaway: Part 1

The day started out as planned; I packed my stuff and headed to the air­port for another travel date with my secret sugar daddy, the Greek God. After down­ing a glass or two of wine at the air­port bar, I boarded the plane, only to order a few more glasses and strike up a con­ver­sa­tion with the hand­some gen­tle­man sit­ting next to me. By the time we landed, I had clearly had […]