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How to Handle Being a Sugar Baby Who’s in High Demand

A few days after the first batch of the Greek God’s “schol­ar­ship fund” money hit my bank account, the phone rang. I had to com­mit to another trip with the Greek God. I wasn’t sure what to expect. How could I take the Stet­son man’s phone calls? How would I be able to jug­gle two wealthy, nar­cis­sis­tic men on a trip away from the Stet­son man? What would I even say to […]

How I Used My Sugar Daddy to Lead Me to an Even Richer Older Man

It was obvi­ous to my infa­mous ball player, who hap­pened to be one of my ex-lovers, that what we had was long gone now. So, he sug­gested I phone the Greek God. I was ter­ri­fied at the thought of phon­ing this man who didn’t know me and might not even remem­ber me. I thought to myself, he is mar­ried, what good is that going to do for me? How­ever, after sev­eral more […]

What It’s Really Like Between the Sheets with a Rich, Older Man: Part 1

Now would be the best time to be hon­est about the role that sex plays in my rela­tion­ship with an older man, Patrick. Its fre­quency, impor­tance, and power over how we grew as a cou­ple had a lot to do with him, at least in the begin­ning. Patrick was a man who was obsessed with being with me and, because I had never been in that kind of a rela­tion­ship before, I […]

Why Smart Sugar Babies Never Cut Ties with Their Ex-Sugar Daddies

I kept remind­ing myself of the old say­ing: “If they will cheat with you, they will cheat on you.” I had given myself to the Stet­son man. As wealthy as he was, he was no dif­fer­ent from any other man I had dated or mar­ried. I had yet to be with a faith­ful man, so I was no stranger to being cheated on. But this was different—this man had total con­trol of […]